23 Mar 2014


connecting -  Bathing in the sea and feeling the tide's pull; it's been too long between swims.

nourishing -  Nigella's Spanish omelette has become a Sunday night favourite.

reading -  The Edible Garden by Alys Fowler is all kinds of wonderful and inspiring a major garden overhaul.

creating -  A beautiful, hand printed scarf I bought on Etsy some time ago was languishing in my wardrobe. It had so much fabric in it that it swamped me and looked like I was draped in a blanket. Guilt riddled me every time I saw it so in a moment of weakness (or strength) I cut it up to sew into a maxi skirt. Yes, there was that much fabric!

nurturing -  On one hand I'm applying soothing compresses of cool water and apple cider vinegar to sunburned legs and then slathering on coconut oil. On the other, I'm kicking myself firmly up the backside for letting it happen in the first place!

growing -   We've been adding some pops of colour to our garden. My honey girl chose paper daisies and she thinks we can never have too many marigolds.

listening -  Regina Spektor's Folding Chair makes my beloved smile. And that warms my heart.

Steph x


  1. that sounds like a perfect supper, I would love to see the maxi skirt!

  2. The book sounds great. I would love to see your skirt too. Hope you have a lovely week Steph. xxoo

  3. Beautiful! So glad to have found your blog, just settling down with a cuppa to keep on reading! :) Katie

  4. i really really love that picture. bathing in the sea sounds like the right thing to do right now

  5. Oh thank you so much for linking up! I love your themes…we are big fans of spanish omelettes for dinner and I'm looking forward to seeing a re-vamp post coming up showing off that maxi skirt! xx


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