2 Mar 2014


connecting -  I stumbled on a box filled with old love letters from my beloved. It was a beautiful reminder of where our journey started and the foundation on which this family was built. 

nourishing -  Homemade custard in wide necked glass bottles are ever present in the fridge at the moment. 

reading -  Thumbing through my food stained copy of An Everlasting Meal. I adore how Tamar Adler weaves her culinary words with passion and elegance. It never fails to inspire. 

creating -  Clearing out my wardrobe and mending all the things that are too long, don't quite fit, or need a button sewed on. So many things languishing in the cupboard...

nurturing -  The cooler mornings herald Autumn's arrival and it's lovely to wake before anyone else, dress in a light robe and savour a hot cup of tea. 

growing -  We're planning our Autumnal garden. Perhaps some leeks and broad beans. 

listening -  I'm slowly getting used to the quiet in the house when one baby is at school and the other is sleeping. I think I kind of like it.

Steph x


  1. ahh...the quiet...i love it, but i know when they're all at school i will miss the chaotic noise that the three of them make as they tear about the house!

  2. That solitude when you wake up before everyone else is so precious! X

  3. I'm still trying to get used to the quiet days myself :) I am liking the "me" time though... Is that bad to admit?


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