2 Feb 2012

Why you should read the instructions!!!

It may seem a little odd that I'm sharing a bathroom nest-i-fy when I'm yet to unveil my gorgeous renovated sal de bain since this post many moons ago.  Well firstly, before any of you think I am living some sort of Laura Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie fame, no I am not bathing in that blue tub any more!

Yes the bathroom is finished...well almost....and looks absolutely "Home Beautiful" quality awesome! My man did a stellar job and I still enjoy showers whilst pondering what used to be there. And yes, the showers are rather frequent thanks to my little Mister Chucky.

So why haven't I shared? Pride...male pride! My hubby has only the ceiling to paint and doesn't want a viewing until he's done..completely done. And since this champion of a man gets up with me each time I feed Remy in the night (my Hubby simply refuses to stay in bed and orders me back under the covers when I'm finished feeding as he cuddles our little Mt Vesuvius keeping him upright for a wee while to help avoid Niagara Falls when he's back in his cot) I simply can not badger him to get it painted.

But onto bigger tales of woe....our new bathmats. Oh yes, they're pretty and practical and made from scrappity scraps of vintage linen and some old towels that had seen better days blah blah blah.

But oh how they nearly sent me over the edge. I used this wonderful book for inspiration and skimmed the instructions...o.k. just looked at the picture really and then jumped in. Four broken needles later and many a whispered swear word (I say whispered because I may have created a potty mouth child who swats furiously as "bloody flies!" as they buzz around her food...oopsie!) And then when I thought the saga was over....these "bl----dy" things created their own sequel. Well pardon me bathmats for not zigzagging  the towel pieces to the fabric so you all frayed the first time you were washed.

No one's fault but my own! And they do look lovely in our sparkly new bathroom. And has the lesson been learned...probably not! But doesn't that make life a whole lot more fun?!

Joining in over here....and having a whale of a time exploring all the loveliness while my two babes sleep...at the same time! Hooray!!!


  1. They are still super cute, Steph! x

  2. Instructions - who follows instructions:) They look great and at the end of the day they are used to dry your feet on and catch the drips after a shower.
    They look great (frayed edges and all)

  3. Yup - they are still gorgeous, even after all that!x

  4. Those bathmats are just gorgeous Steph, worth a few swear words I'd say x

  5. You mean to tell me those words actually tell you how to make the product??? Nahhh, winging it is waaaaaay mor fun!!! Lovely mats sweets...and enjoy those well scheduled naps xx

  6. Gotta love pretty bathmats, new bathrooms and husbands that order you back to bed and look after the baby! :)

  7. Your husband is a total legend, he is absolutely forgiven for not completing the bathroom to make it blogworthy. i think I was the pesky one asking if you had finished- partly cause Betsy needs some bathroom work done too. And haring of without following instructions is completely my thing too. melx

  8. love this post! instrutions are overrated! haha!

    i received some fat quarters and goodies this week - just checking they were from you?? Thanks so much! you are wonderful! i LOVE the coasters and have been using them already! thanks so much for such a thoughful and lovely gift... and of course all the lovely fabric.

    Thanks again! have a great rest of the week - kel xx

  9. Your bath mats look great, im not one for following instructions either ;o) Great blog btw - cant believe ive only just found it! Scarlett x

  10. I bet they look beautiful in the new bathroom. I've made quite a few of those myself (might need to do a fresh new batch again soon). Love the cheery colours.


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