23 Feb 2012

His Mobile

My beautiful Monsieur Remoulade is 13 weeks tomorrow and I am totally smitten with my handsome (off the charts for his size!) baby boy.  He is serene, gentle and so very quick to smile. Swoon!

He is patient and sensitive and laps up (endure at times) his big sister's constant showing of affection.

It feels like he has always been with us and he makes our home and hearts full to brimming with love.
Just like his papa bear, he sleeps anywhere. Wide eyed and smiley we swaddle him in his cot and before too long he's off to the land of nod.

I want to wrap the world and all it's beauty up in a package and present it to him as a gift. I want him to see things...to know things...but above all... to feel!

My darling little man...may you aim your dreams at the furthermost star....

May you see the sun set and rise the following morn with the love of your life...your soul buddy...

May you have the strength and courage to weather life's storms...may you always find the silver lining...

May you always know that I love you to the moon and back a bazillion times...

Sleep beautiful babe...and dream!

I made this wee little mobile for Remy out of teensy scraps of vintage fabric cut with pinking shears and then hand stitched together (wrong sides together) using a running stitch and embroidery floss leaving a little gap. (I drew a little picie first and used it as a template...all very lazy bones-ish....hence the wonky star!) I then stuffed them with some wool rovings and stitched them up. Two pieces of wire were wrapped in some old bias binding and slip stitched closed and then tied together in the middle. Embroidery floss attached to each piece was then sewn onto the frame.

Joining in with all these wonderful souls. Come join us.


  1. Steph, he is so gorgeous!
    Jenni (from hexies)

  2. how gorgeous, and Steph, he looks just like Bijou here! xx

  3. So cute! We were just talking boys mobiles today, as should prob update the pastel butterfly one and make it a bit more of a boy zone for him. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh he is just so cute I could eat him up. Wonderful that he will sleep anywhere and tolerate big sister love. melx

  5. not wonky at all, so sweet, nearly as sweet as that little cutie of yours.
    awwww, so precious ♥

  6. Your Monsieur is adorable! Sounds like bliss to have him join your family.

  7. oh he is so beautiful! love the mobile... so bright and colourful! you are a clever lady!

    Kel x

  8. oh how did i miss this one! stunning steph, just beautiful. I'm sure he will love watching them sway and all those delightful colours xx


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