30 Jan 2012

Me Own Serf!

When I was a wee kipper I was known to be a tad on the stubborn side and ridiculously independent! As an adult I like to call myself..ahem...determined and motivated. The story goes that I followed directly in the path of my own Papa Bear whose catch phrase as a young fellow was, "Me Own Serf!" (translated to mean, "I'll Do It By Myself!). The uncanny thing is that as a babe my saying was, "My Own Self!" in answer to any offer of assistance. Great minds hey?!

Well after drinking in all the magic that is this book and running out of little scraps of paper to mark which projects I'd love to tackle....I decided to make a beautiful Waldorf/Steiner doll for my honey girl. Me Own Serf!!

Oh no sir-ee! This lass couldn't pop online and purchase said doll from some gorgeous and super experienced doll making soul from etsy or other land of crafty goodness.Oh no no no! I like to torture myself with endeavours that will no doubt illicit a cacophony of very colourful language before the end. Me Own Serf!!!

After tracking down all the required materials and reading the instructions through a million times I took the plunge......a week before I went into labour with Monsieur Remoulade. Quelle madness!! (And the madness deepened given that I packed this project (her head to be exact!) in my hospital bag whilst in labour in the hope I'd whittle away at it in the hospital when the little man was born. Ha!!!)

Well needless to say that this little mademoiselle's noggin never caught a glimpse of my hospital room nor has breathed the free air at our house. Instead being holed up in my craft cupboard Rapunzel style where I spy her on occasion and guiltily stuff her further from view, Wicked Witch that I am.

But with both my babes asleep at the same time....(insert that cupped hand sound you used to do to replicate a crowd cheering!) the time has come to get her out and begin finishing her off.  Me Own Serf!!!


  1. She will be well worth it once she is finished and I am sure she will be well loved! good luck!

  2. I thought we had popped back to Feudal times and you had acquired a slave all of your own. I confess I was a tad jealous (if not somewhat alarmed). Can't wait to see your finished dolly. I can't help but agree that doing things all your serf is so much better than buying them in. x

  3. Good luck:) She will be much loved whenever you get around to finishing it.


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