29 Feb 2012

Slowing Down

The "boob Gods" decided it was high time that this lass received her very first dose of the dreaded Mastitis! First and last I do hope very much!!

Within a few hours I went from my usual EverReady Bunny self to a vomiting, feverish, all round hideous mess. Thankfully I'm recovering almost as quickly. Hubby has nicknamed Remy "Medicine Man" as with each feed I get a bit better.

Doc tells me I'm doing to much! With my big...utterley beautiful...but big baby boy who is literally sucking the life out of me I need to rest more. 

So curled up on my little man's divine quilted play mat thanks to my gorgeous blogging bestie. (Bren you are an absolute angel!) I have been forcing myself to slow down.

I'm not terribly good at this I must confess (Hubby will indeed concur)  but I guess I need to start listening to my body....and she ain't happy with me at present.

Plugging away at this soothing sky blue knit for my very own blue girl is keeping the tetches at bay...

As is fresh air, grass between my toes, mugs of milky tea, squishing those chubby thighs and watching my poppet joyously bounce the afternoon away on her trampoline.

I'm pottering around my blog too...a change is as good as a holiday n'est pas?


  1. Take care of yourself my dear - rest up and knit away and do as the Dr ordered:)
    Love that blue:)

  2. Too cute. Who wouldn't be inspired by those chubby legs. Doc is right. You need to be able to useful to your family long term as well as now.

  3. Oh you poor thing! That's one piece of good advice my friend gave me when I had my second baby - don't get too busy and rush your feedings or cut them short because before you know it...mastitis. Rest up and get better soon.

  4. Oh no, not fun! It is astounding how quickly it happens isn't it! I find it hard to relax too since having my munchkin. I hope you find some moments of calm within x

  5. Be gentle with yourself, Steph. Mastitis is so painful! I hope you're better quick smart.

    That Brenda is a beautiful, talented lass, isn't she? Such a special spot for Remy to be. x

  6. Oh no! Sounds like you definitely need to take care of yourself and slow down. Take care x

  7. Oh you poor chook.Never had it but heard that it is nasty. Definitely a sign from your body you should listen too. Rest up.melx

  8. I hope you feel better very soon Steph. Sounds like Remi is just what the doctor ordered. Take care x

  9. Poor you, Love - mastitis is just awful! It's so easy to do too much when babes are still very small, isn't it? I remember when Lou was born, I'd totally and blissfully forgotten how exhuasting feeding was; and when there's another little one to run after, it can get very tricky!

    But I'm loving your remedy - bonnie babes on beautiful blankets, sunshine, milky tea and knitting - can I join in too? It's the most perfect day out today...

    Feel better soon x

    Ps. Love the new look!

  10. You poor thing, sending happy thoughts your way for a speedy recovery:) Loving the new design, husgs to your lovely little bunch.

  11. Our bodies have the knack of enforcing a slower pace when we don't actually think we need it. Enjoy this gentle pace and look after yourself Steph, mastitis is awful.

  12. Oh look at those legsies, you make beautiful babies Steph & i love the crisp new look of the blog, love Posie


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