1 Mar 2012

Mr. Chucky No More!

Before my left breast decided to do it's best impersonation of that puffer fish from Finding Nemo I was in the crafting zone. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, doll making...you name it...I was doing it. Mmm...tis highly likely this is the very reason for my bosom's Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style metamorphosis. Or perhaps the bucket loads of concrete I heaved into a giant skip last weekend. I really need a smack!

But anyhoo...mammary woes aside. Onto more crafty tidings with some much needed burp cloths for the little man. In saying that, they were much needed as he regularly projected milky slush á la The Exorcist but wee little detective that I am discovered the culprit. Chocolate people!!! Could there be a more crushing blow. Went off the gorgeous stuff and next day...Mr. Chucky no more. Yay...and boo hoo all rolled into one.

Using up some of my mountainous stash of fabric and trying ever so hard to live up to my New Year's resolution to not buy anymore fabric, I put together some gorgeous Heather Ross Far Far Away double gauze backed with some pale blue vintage chenille. I just whacked right sides together, sewed them up on Jan leaving a turning hole then turned them right side out and topstiched all around. Trés simple.

And the verdict from Monsieur Remoulade. "Moi..Mr.Chucky? I think not!"

"Ah but Mr. Smiley...now that's a title I'll more than happily wear!"

Joining in over here and finding all the brilliant crafty inspiration just the elixir I need. Ta!


  1. What a gorgeous son you have. With that cute smile you can forgive all the chucks and forget the horrible mastitis.
    Thanks for visiting my liitle space and your sweet words.

  2. Goog golly he's adorable!! I can't believe chocolate was the culprit for you! As much as I've been told otherwise, I swear my diet has an impact on Sophie while I'm breastfeeding. Back when she was having such tummy trouble, I went off cow's milk (apart from a drop in my tea) and I'm positive it made a difference. Thesedays, I still avoid too much citrus fruit (and OJ) and am having more soy milk, although I have been having a bit of choccie at night and while Sophie is MUCH better, I may cut it out and see what happens...

    Love your burp cloths :)

  3. This has got to be a "you've made me chuckle" kind of post. Glad you sorted out the chucky deal - sorry chocolate was the culprit though. Cute burp cloths. So is gauze better (that is, softer, etc.) than quilting cotton? I'm about to make some, so I thought I should ask.

  4. Mr Chucky is just TOO cute! Love your almost too lovely to chuck on chuck cloths.
    Have a super weekend.

  5. Oh my your little man is soo gorgeous Steph, what a heartbreaker. I bet those burp cloths are nice and absorbent and hopefully keep your clothes clean. What a beautiful selection of fabrics you chose. I hope you had a lovely weekend. xx

  6. No chocolate! Well that is a catastrophe, these things we do for our children! Love the burp cloths, at least he can chuch in style now and he is so so so cute by the way. melx

  7. He could not get any cuter than he already is. He's just so sweet and adorable. x

  8. oh this is a brilliant idea and i think i'll be stealing it to whip up some for a friend who is expecting her second soon! Love that you found the reason for Remy's chucky....but oh, poor you! I wonder if milo is considered chocolate?? I hear it is full of iron.

    love the new look blog too! very nice xx

  9. Oh i believe nothing of evil from that gorgeous face (maybe bottom & mouth) but he's so adorable. Happy boob massaging. An expert once told me that massaging your shoulders (of course in a specific place) helps your mammory glands. Any excuse for a massage right?? At least if he leaks, it will be scooped up in style, love Posie

  10. Oh Steph - he is devine - how do you not eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner:) Missing you all terribly (not helped by the wee boy crying to go back to Brisbane every day at four in the morning)
    The burp cloths look very flash. :( to the no Chocolate, but at least you have worked out what it is. Could it be milk all together - Amelia was lactose intollerant and was the cause of some of her vomiting.


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