17 Jan 2012

Living the Good Life

Finding just the right spot for this vintage lovely (ta very muchly Secret Santa Mel)....

Sighing in awe at this woman's voice...absolutely magic.....

 Rekindling my vintage clothing obsession and trying to cajole my milk laden ample top half into a thirties slip. Oh the humanity! Mon dieu...didn't those women have boobs?!!

A wee something for the little man...

And something for moi....oh, I love a revamp!...

Smiling at all these teensy little suits even though their number is the result of a happy chucker bubby who seems to bring up more than he keeps down.....

Kissing the gloriously chubby cheeks of Monsieur Remoulade (hubby calls him Monsieur Tub-O-Lard!) and being content he is indeed getting a meal full.


  1. He is adorable!! Sophie seems to go through endless outfits each day too, I'm constantly washing :) Love those vintage scales x

  2. He's a sweetie that's for sure Steph. Love that hint of a smile in your pic and those vintage- sheet-covered cushions he's resting on.
    Nothing tub-o-lard about him, as far as I can see!

    p.s. gorgeous scales too btw

  3. Oh he is so delicious. And the scales- were they from MMMC? did you get the basket as well? So hope you did and they have gone to such a worthy home. melx

  4. Hello my lovely - so sorry I did not get back to kiss those cheeks of his. Got crazy busy and then Amelia got sick:(
    Looks like you have been busy - love the scales.

    x K

  5. ahh, how absolutely adorable Steph!!
    I have been a really bad bloggy friend & did not even pop by to visit you here.
    wishing you much love everyday lovely lady.
    bisou ♥


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