12 Jan 2012

Blue Girl

Last Sunday my girl....my beautiful blue girl... turned three.

 A simple morning tea with her favourite blue plate... a bejewelled crown fit for a queen....

Blue dinosaur bunting (cut out at a quarter to six on Sunday morning after an early morning milky cuddle with Monsieur Remoulade...aka Remy as Mumma felt a wee bit guilty that there were no party decorations.)

And a blue dinosaur cake.....ROAR!!! I do declare that this fellow consumed the remainder of the packet of freckles whilst I was decorating him. Pesky fellow!

Make a wish my blue girl.....may you touch the stars my beloved.


  1. How gorgeous - love the crown and the dinosaur cake - fancy the dinosaur eating all those freckles! Bet they made him taste yummy!

  2. ohhh it was in my diary and I did set out to send a birthday message! Anyhoo sounds like the birthday girl had a ROAR of a time...what a cake! and cheeky dino-cake eating all those freckles!!! Once I clear the abyss that is my sewing space, I shall whip something up for your dearest Bijou. Hope you are all dandy and swell. hugs and kisses from all of here xx

  3. Oh Steph, look at her, such beautiful big sister material. So gorgeous & her amazing cake & decorations, lucky birthday girl!! Love Posie

  4. Aw happy birthday to your gorgeous girl :)
    That cake is amazing!

  5. So sweet Steph. Happy Birthday little blue girl! That cake looks super delicious x

  6. Happy birthday to the gorgeous girl! Love the cake, and freckles are a must I think- they are usually the starring feature on my cakes too.
    Do you follow Make mine midcentury's blog? She is clearing out all her stuff and is giving away to anyone in Briz a gorgeous blue themed vintage picnic basket and I thought of you and your girl- she posted yesterday and no one has claimed it yet- jump over on my blogroll and say I sent you if you are not a follower- I am sure she will be happy it is going to a good home- if it is your thing that is. melx

  7. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. She has such a sweet face xx

  8. What a beautiful party! :) I love the cake!
    I'm now following along with your pretty little blog! Please come and visit at Just For Daisy! :) x


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