2 Nov 2011

Nesting...in the kitchen

Oh how nesty I am getting in this wee little abode! I have a cornucopia of crafty projects on the go at the moment in every nook and cranny of my world.Why is it that when you're in the last stages of your pregnancy and should be lolling about like Migaloo the white whale your energy amps up (albeit...momentarily!) and you plunge into tasks with such zeal?

I, like most of you I no doubt, have a list of proposed crafty projects that would rival Mr. S Claus' naughty and nice roll.  My list also has its fair share of good and bad characters and this Speedy Gonzales one topped the nice list.

A few little mats for sopping up water when the washing up morphs into some blob like creation and not only fills the draining rack but inches its way across the bench top.  I swear one night I'll be taken in my sleep by a groaning, dripping mass of pots, graters and colanders as it oozes its way down the hall to nab me in my bed!

A trip to one of the many "storage worlds" in the burbs for a new, improved bigger than Ben Hur dish drainer? Non! A whisker of vintage fabric and some old towels, inspiration from this book and this gorgeous girl and I have singlehandedly Ghost Buster style zapped that washing up blob into oblivion.  Now if only I can craft up a wee cleaning lady out of such ingredients to do the task for me in the first place....



  1. Tania's one did come to mind when reading this...I love that we draw inspiration from each other :)

    I am a terrible nester in late pregnancy, to the point where I exhaust myself...remember to try and get lots of rest in amongst all that crafting :)


  2. Nest away Mumma Bear... can't believe how fast the time has gone:)

  3. Cornucopia is such a good word.

    These little drainers will be so handy. We tend to use a tea towel, which isn't even slightly as cute! x

  4. Oh these are so gorgeous! Loving those canisters too.
    Sophie x

  5. ha! rest! who needs it when you can make crafty genius like this!!! I love this idea and i think i need to whip up some of my own...although, my list of crafty projects is soooooo long at the moment!!! Enjoy your momentary crafty energy and celebrate with cups of tea in the sun...xx

  6. Oooh, yours are so pretty! Love them :)
    I used the one I made today (also inspired by the same fabulous two!) to pop under my hot jam jars whilst pouring in strwaberry jam, very handy!


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