10 Nov 2011

My Creative Space - Bread Bags

With le bébé's room still requiring painting....after Hubby's frantic week of late night's plastering and sanding, a new front deck needing all manner of splashes of white paint....a laundry that is simply a white room at the moment (read...no cupboards,no taps, no tub....no washing machine!!)...

What do I choose to do?  Pull out the undercoat and roller? Nah!!! Curl up on the lounge and embroider a wee bit!

We've started baking our own bread again and have found it has given a wonderful rhythmic start to the week. The only down side...how to store it? Trying to steer away from plastic and trying to keep it out of the fridge lest we create a brick I decided to go back in time.

What would bread have been stored in many pale moons ago? Brown paper...cloth? With a few white tea towels found in the throw out bin at that abyss otherwise known as Spotlight I set to work.
Folded in half and sewed up the sides....a whisker of vintage fabric stitched rather haphazardly on the back to form a tie ....some matching embroidery....a nod to "carb" lovers across the sea and our bread dilemma is solved. Now onto that laundry....mmmm!
Joining in over at this lovely space today.


  1. They look ace Steph - totally the sensible choice in my opinion. ;)

  2. They are so lovely. What a great idea, they look much better than a bread box, which is what I thinking of a little while ago (before our oven broke).

  3. Steph, you are amazing. They look awesome.

  4. They look great. I really should make some myself.

  5. Your bread bags are lovely Steph and your choice to make them a far more sensible one than painting walls etc etc
    I bet your house smells delicious while it's baking.
    Bon nuit x

  6. The size of your belly and the heat my dear, the couch is the best place for you:) They look great. We have been making bread in le machine lately too - all be it raisin bread - the kids are in heaven. Hope that you are keeping well.

  7. woot woot to your bread baking little soul!!! they look adorable...I have to say that I've been slack in the bread making department....must get back on track. With those lovelies to store them in, i bet your baking just got even more sweeter!!! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend sweet-pea xx


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