18 Nov 2011

Introducing the Wood family

Warning: This post contains some nudity!

Avert the eyes of your poppets as I initially introduce the Wood family....in the raw!
Those prudish types may now relax as the Woods are swathed in rainbows of craft paint.

Here's Mrs. Wisteria Wood as she spends a little bit of "me" time pottering about on her sewing machine with a watered down Pimms in hand. Apron still on fresh from the kitchen where she just baked an apple pie...from scratch! Can't you smell it?!

And lovable Mr. Wesley Wood....a sensitive new age guy and a half as he bathes the children whilst his beloved wife sews! And there'll be no bonds singlets and stubbies for this Aussie dad. Just night need to have a quiet word in his ear about the old fashion adage of "blue and green should never be seen". Bless!

Baby Warren Wood fast asleep in his cot. Fed like a machine...self settled... and will now be out til morn....late morn! Even wearing a collared shirt and a belt around his wee middle. Dream child!!

Little Miss Wendy Wood relaxing quietly on the lounge after she's finished the dusting for her Mumma listening to a spot of music and contemplating how she'll change the world.

A chip off the old block is Wallace Wood in his dapper outfit and yes ladies...that's right....he's making his own bed! And smiling! Mrs. Wood will have young lasses queing up at her door in years to come what with Wally's domestic abilities...and her apple pies.

Oh, beg your pardon Walter Wood! Ever so sorry young man...we'll leave you to it.

And the Wood twins....Wilhemena and William. Never a happier, more loving to each other, only squabble over who gets to fetch the scabble board from the games cupboard,  pair of poppets.

Missing in action is Winona...the rogue of the family. Couldn't wait to get away from home. No doubt run off with a yobbo of some description...or perhaps..., just rolled under our lounge.


  1. Ooh they are so cute with all their painted details. Perfect in their new home! Our dollhouse has gone into storage until Violet is a little bigger.

  2. Oh my giddy Aunt....I adore the Wood family :)


  3. Oh my, you are so so clever Steph, what a delightful family of painted goodness. They are so gorgeous, beautifully un-nuded & all round stunning keepsake for your babies' futures!! Love Posie

  4. Haha! Love them! Thanks for introducing us :0

  5. oh how gorgeous! I feel I know them already! xx

  6. Oh Steph! How lovely!
    If they become an addition to the Mon Petit Poppet collection, I'll be putting my hand up for some - they're just wonderful :)

    Hoping you're well x

  7. Bless them:) Lets hope that your own wee babe is as well behaved and self settles as well as the Wood Family version.

  8. Oh you have done a gorgeous job, love the hair-dos and the retro coloured outfits. melx

  9. It's official - I'm in love!!!! x

  10. Oh please Wood family invite to me to yours for afternoon tea!!! How lovely Steph! They are so adorable I think i can forsee some wonderful times spent, mumma and daughter playing house! xx

  11. lovely! where did you find the little wood things? haha what do you even call those? did you have to cut it down or something?

  12. Hi Tracey. Here's the link for the little wooden dolls I bought on etsy. Had a whale of a time painting them! Hope all is lovely :) x



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