17 Nov 2011

Here's a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall....

 Renovations have taken on a major (read: loony) scale in our humble abode and Hubby and I have come to the conclusion that we do indeed work best to a deadline!

The front deck which swayed perilously in the breeze for the last 4 years or so making the first little pig's house look like a Boy's Town Prize Home was  replaced in just under a week by a brand spanker complete with railings, privacy screening, a gate for the poppets and lo and behold...a roof!!

And where our open air charmer of a laundry stood complete with gorgeous concrete tubs,  a pristine white walled "room"....yes! it has walls!!! is nearing completion. With two pac finished cupboards for oodles of storage and a new stainless steel sink and a benchtop, let me tell you right now...tears of joy will be wept!

A new wall where once was a hall has been erected, plastered, sanded and painted and is eagerly awaiting a few pieces of skirting. That means with just under two weeks to go til my due date...we finally have a baby's room!!!! I'm sure I heard angels singing!!

We have been like little buck tooted beavers revelling in all our industry and have marveled how much has been accomplished in such a short time...and by bringing in some big guns...namely my wonderful uncle and my cousin...both builders extraordinaire! Who knew there was a screw gun? A nail gun, yes. But a screw gun?.....oh, the marvel of modern man!

And amidst all this building I even managed to find time to work on a micro renovation for mon petit poppet. This perfect little doll's house was bought for a song and needed some attention to "de-80's-a-fy" it and make it all that is good and vintagey in the world.

With a deft hand, a fairly meagre budget and a healthy dose of good old gumption I managed to remove the grey vinyl, grey carpet, maroon and yellow curtains and princess stickers and transform this grand old dame into a homely home full of comforts.

Some vintage furniture hunted out on ebay....a few Mumma made wee little quilts, pillows and cushions....

A grandfather clock to keep rhythm of the day. And a sewing machine...bien sur!

And then to attract just the right family....

I'll introduce you to them soon....they're a delightful brood!

Oh so much yummy craftiness over here today :)


  1. that is one super cute doll house- love the little sewing machine!

  2. Steph what a relief it must be to have your reno's complete and just in time to bring that new bundle of joy home.

    Am rather loving the doll house. I passed one up at the oppy for $4 a few months back and am kicking myself...it would have been a great project to work on with my girl.


  3. Wow! That is just gorgeous. Love the curtains. Clever you. And well done!

  4. So lovely for you all that things are coming together on the home front.
    The poppet's dolls house is looking very sweet, I love the pretty little curtains and the little doiley floor rug x

  5. Oh those sweet little curtains, love them. x

  6. very cute dolls house! It is going to be well loved!

  7. Great! I loved to make one for my daughter! long time ago, your´s is gorgeous!!!

  8. Such a beautiful place for Poppet to while away the hours, and so glad to hear the 'big beautiful place' is speeding along:)

  9. IT is lovely - book is in car - will get around to drop it off (If indeed I recongnise the house in which you reside)

  10. Oh wow! Very busy at your home, how fantastic to have gotten so many things completed!
    The dolls house reno is delightful, love your mama mades the best :)

  11. So so gorgeous, what a lucky Bijou to have such a creative mummy!! Love Posie


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