16 Aug 2011

Slowing Down

A week of tranquility...of adventure....of such fun!

Collecting "still warm" eggs every morning ...and cooking them for second breakfast... yolks the colour of sunshine!

Copious cups of tea and home baked delights (photo courtesy of mon petit poppet...struggled to get the camera off her...perhaps a budding photographer in the making)

Putting on my brave face whilst feeding some feathered friends.....and happily realising they ain't quite as scary as I once thought...o.k....so the goose and gander still gave me the heeby jeebies but I'm getting there!

Tending to the chickens, ducks and geese, goats, llamas and horses....marvelling at the work of farmers....adding fuel to the quitely burning embers of my dream to pack up life as we know it and come and join them

A spot of grooming for Miss Harley...

Before donning our riding helmet, saddling up and taking her for a trot around the paddock...

my girl looking so grown up my heart ached :(

Watching Stuart the farrier perform deluxe pedicures on all our equine pals....

Trying our very own horseshoe on for size...

Peaceful (and rather slow!) walks in the rainforest practising our whip bird calls...fossicking about the rock pools and sending leaf boats down the waterfalls...

Watching this beautiful man with this beautiful girl and being thankful for all the magic they bring to my world....

Melting marshmallows til they were crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle....knitting....having day sleeps when our girl slept....watching the fire.....slowing down.....bliss!


  1. Oh i love your family & the fact you're a bit dicey with birds, ditto, it's the flighty bit & i was hissed at rather violently by a goose on the weekend, nuff said, not a fan but i'll have them on our farm as they keep away snakes!! My favourite images are those of my husband with the children, we're lucky to have such great men in our childrens' worlds!!
    Oh, a lovely lady came into Shop Handmade & said something about Mon Petit Poppet & i was a bit excited to ask if she knew you, i think her husband & yours are old mates, of course, the true story went out of my head as i was gushing Petit Poppet & your growing belly, der!! Love Posie

  2. This looks beautiful, and tranquil, and all kinds of good :)

  3. Hi Steph,
    This sounds so divine....such a gorgeous post. Enjoy your 'slowing down' phase. xoxo

  4. What a beautiful break you guys are having - looks amazing!

  5. Having spent the day trailing along with a 3yo, I get your (and rather slow!) comment. Peaceful is one thing, preschooler pace is quite another!

    Beautiful family moments, my friend. x

  6. Bliss. So glad you all had a great time. Have a great weekend and shall have to catch up soon. Love the photos. How much has Miss B grown in the last few months?

  7. Just beautiful, Steph. If I had a choice, it'd be the farmers life for me too x


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