26 Aug 2011

My Creative Space

A whisker of time ago......mmmm, make that a great big Harley Riding bikie beard of time ago!...I was working on this little man quilt.

When I first spied this gorgeous fabric at my favourite little nook of crafty loveliness I knew I had to have it.

It conjured up images of my dog eared Huck Finn book that I read time and time again as a little kipper (and believe me, I didn't cause such a heinous crime as dog earring a book...it was a flea market purchase and it was quite apparant the previous owner had rather loutish book habits!)

So when a gorgeous friend announced the arrival of her second little gentlemen I couldn't help but make a wee quilt or play mat for him to explore his world on.

The centre is a panel of fabric and I used contrasting fabrics as borders and then some cream quilting cotton embroidered with mini mushies. Finally, I made binding from that cute train print to complete it.

My quilting left quite a lot to be desired as I must confess I was a little slack when making my quilt sandwich. I tried to pin it on the floor and needless to say there were leg cramps ahoy and not the best smoothing and flattening effort that ever was. A giant belly will do that to you! But I made it with love and therefore I can't be anything less that chuffed with it!

It is ever so inspiring to trawl through all these wondrous creations each week. Come join me!


  1. gorgeous! i thought you were going to say it was for your future arrival!
    what a great gift, i am sure it will be absolutely adored.

    big hugs lovely, sorry my comments have been a little scarce.
    hope all is good with you ♥

  2. That is the most perfect little man quilt...that alphabet print is divine and something I would have snapped up too!
    I love the other fabrics you have teamed it with :)

  3. A beautiful quilt. I'm sure your friend will be very happy.

  4. such a special gift ... we adore it and big brother just loves to sleep with it at lunch time. it will always be treasured lovely Steph
    x thank you x

  5. Adorable, fun and I can still use for grown up sewing. I love your fabric! Thanks for sharing.


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