29 Apr 2011

My Creative Space - A Mountain of Washers!

Well mon petit fille and I are finally home! Yes, the bathroom renos continue...a little slower now that Hubby is back at work...but continuing nonetheless. And yes, we are still bathing in a large plastic crate (I try to imagine it is a vast copper urn and I am washing my milky white skin as a maid pours china jug after china jug of steaming water into it รก la a Victorian lady...actually it's Hubby topping up the hot water from the kitchen sink with a tupperware jug...and the crate is bright, bright blue....oh the humanity!). But we're nearly there!!!!

Neither grand nor terribly clever, I too have been whiling away every spare moment in preparation of the grand bathroom unveiling knitting up a bundle of washcloths. If you recall the disaster that was my first attempt back at knitting you may remember I decided that sticking to washers might be a way to learn how to walk before I learn to fly....

Well after a few garter stitch and stocking stitch affairs I pushed my knitting boundaries a little.

After a few times unravelling and starting again (o.k., many times!) I can now proudly say that I understand a wee bit more of the quirky code that knitters refer to as a pattern. There's the yf (bring the yarn to the front of your work), Sl1 (slip one stitch to the other needle), psso (pass a knitted stitch over the top of the next one)....and the code goes on!

My most "chuffiest" of creations was the wavy one. Due to the magic of the pattern, it started out straight and then before my very eyes with an elaborate combo of yf's, Sl1's and psso's the delicate wave emerged.

And what new bathroom would be complete without it's own little slice of Paris. C'est Parfait!

I found all the patterns online using free washcloth knitting patterns as a google search and found simply oodles! Perhaps it's time to try another garment...insert ominous music here and shrieks of horror!!!

For other crafty lasses (and perhaps lads) hop, skip and jump over here.


  1. oh, I love the eiffel tower washer - will have to go and do some research to make my own!

  2. That is a pile of very fine washcloths! I've done a few basket weave style dishcloths. They are a lot of fun to knit and practical too. Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Those waves look incredible!
    Loving all the colours you'be used.

    We're just getting into the crochet business - can't follow a pattern yet tho!♥

  4. Gosh, they are all so gorgeous. Great effort!

  5. Well done my lovely - shall we organise a meet up next week and I can help you cast on the Milo (happy to knit if for you though - would hate to see the yarn not get used because Miss B has grown too big)

  6. Your washers are just adorable, especially the wave and tower ones...I knit and crochet my dishcloths but have not thought to do face washers...thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. Oh Ms Steph, pleeeease stop - it;s all too much for this me who suffers knitting phobia!! I am agast in awe of your talents not only to make so many, but create patters and waves and.....what! An Eiffel Tower!! Impossible!

    Enjoy bathing, in your new sparkling bathroom, with some bubble bath, and some luxurious soap and your incredible cloths

  8. That was funny and well done on mastering knitting a square.... something I just cannot do. I have resigned myself to the cannot knit brigade and the can almost crochet circle!! Look forward to seeing the bathroom. I am loving what the cloths are sitting on... !!

  9. Your washclothes are gorgeous! Have a wonderful week xo

  10. Your wavy one is my favourite too - what lovely colours!
    Happy weekend xx


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