8 Apr 2011

My Creative Space - A Little Man's Trousers

A dear friend of mine recently had her first child...a gorgeous little man! The glowing Mumma and her adoring hubby were over the moon with the arrival of their own little gentleman albeit a little surprised as girls reign supreme in both their families.
It got me to thinking (oh dear...and we all know where that gets me!). Although I have four nephews I really haven't got the foggiest idea about baby boys...or little boys....or teen boys...or men come to think of it! Girls' parts I know, girls' moods I know, girls' ability to change their mind at the speed of light...I know.

My girlfriend shared this wonder (read: bewilderment) as she changed her little mister for the first time. Having changed oodles of babies (all girls though) in her time she gestured to the midwife to leave her as all would be fine. No sooner had she undone T's pants did his "little fire house" spray all those within range with what appeared to be litres of pee...including her gaping mouth! Needless to say she learnt quick smart to hold that nappy down on said appendage at all costs for future (and there will be many, many of these) nappy changing events.

Using a delightful and easy peasy lemon squeezy pattern from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings, I made the little love a few pairs of reversible pants. I used some kokka froggies and trains and some cream and brown linen. It really is the most clever pattern!

And I'm sure the gorgeous Ms. Horner (as the mother of six!) is a deft hand at changing a nappy on any baby.

Let's go and have a look see over here to behold crafty utopia!!


  1. Ah the memories. After two girls we finally had our son. I managed to dodge the bullet when he soaked my obstetrician with remarkable accuracy when only a couple of days old. I was a fast learner and managed to stay dry!

  2. Ha Ha Ha - only once did my unsuspecting husband lean down and blow a raspberry on his son's tummy BEFORE replacing the nappy!!! And my mother, who had also only ever had girls learned the same lesson pretty darn quick too! Hysterical! Cute pants though!

  3. The pants are very cute. They will look just lovely on a little baby boy, Isn't it a great pattern? I made about four pairs before my daughter was born. Received compliments whenever she wore them. Just need to make some in a bigger size.

  4. Lol, have a similar story when changing B for the first time. He even hit the light and showered every inch of my bed, let's just say that the midwife was not impressed when I asked for clean sheets at 1am. The pants look great.

  5. Your post is full of little things that made me giggle, and creative fabulousness. Fantastic little pants!
    I have two boys - only the first one managed the fire hose treatment (which at the time made me laugh hysterically - I must have been tired!). They certainly ARE different to little girls - in so many ways!

  6. I have girls too - but have been in the firing line of boy nappy changes too!!

    Love those reversible pants - such cute fabric too!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Oh they are cute! Dana from Made blog has a great pair of boys pants, look kind of similar to this pattern actually, I haven't tried them yet.

  8. Adorable, boys can wear the most lovely handmade clothes now, love them!! Oh yes, after 3 daughters, cleaning a boy's bottom, so very different indeedy. Love Posie

  9. Oh yes darling - little boys are cheeky babes!!! Loving those little trousers. Hoping your well darling girl xx

  10. just popped in to see what your up to! I hope this quiet spell is due to computer gliches and nothing more sinister!....missing your spark about blogland honey. hope your all well xx


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