29 Oct 2010

Neuf Têtes - { Nine Heads }

There is an ominous black cloud hanging over my head today for there is a grim task to be done. Not a visit from the tax auditor, nor a teeth drilling episode at the dentist. No, my mission is far more scary. Today, my friends I have to go tog shopping! Aargh!!!!!!

Togs, bathers, swimmers, the bikini, a one piece, bandeau, boy leg....g-string...I mean really people. The mind reels!!

Tog shopping is horrendous at the best of times. Those change rooms, the fluorescent lights, the mirrors that let you scrutinise every angle of your derriére. But I've made it a tad worse by being on a deadline. Hubby is doing the Noosa triathlon on Sunday, star that he is, so we (read: me) are packing this family up and heading on a wee holiday to Noosa for a week.

And regardless of the policies on some Aussie beaches, this little beach gal can simply not parade about sans togs! I've donned a leather suit of armour today in the bid to ward off the assault from negative body thoughts that go hand in hand with tog shopping. "My body is a temple...my body is temple.....oh the change room...please don't make me go in there......aargh!!!!!!"

I'll see you lovely ladies soon as I go to cheer on my beloved and slip, slop slap the week away.

Dress : Supré Stirrup leggings: the bottom of the sock drawer Leather vest: Sportsgirl Plaited belt: Cue Bag: Marc Jacobs (5th anniversary present bought in Paris....sigh!!)

Note: 9 Heads is a method of drawing fashion figures using the head as a measurement.


  1. wow - check out that model in those gorgeous photos (oh that's you!) - you look deeeeeee-vine! I love that dress and don't stress about tog shopping! You must just have ooodles of choice up there - be confident, know which bits you love to show off and you'll be fine!!! I can just imagine the folk of Brissy thinking Australia's next top model has stepped out for a stop of shopping! Enjoy ;-))

  2. Well we eagerly await those swimsuit modelling photos!! Ha ha! Good luck, I understand how awful it is.

  3. agree with Brenda!!
    i don't think you have to fear gorgeous Steph, but I know..all women do it.
    have fun & think of summer ♥

  4. Goodness, gorgeous girl, you can rock a swim suit & if you're a bit shy, use a little sarong!! I was in fine shape after 4 children, turning 30 was it for me, carbs were not my friend, sarongs are!! I can't see my bottom so it can't worry me, that's my head in the sand policy. I've made 4 beautiful children & i'm rarely in a swim suit without them (read: i can pretend they are the reason i'm jiggly). Must make time for yoga!! Must stop eating carbs. Love Posie

  5. Oh Honey - I hear you:) I went tog shopping the other day and went straight into Sunburn in the mall. They were fantastic - I told the girl that I wanted something that would stay up in the surf and with a 2 year old tugging at it and I walked out $150 poorer (ouch) But I do have a pair of togs that look great, stay up in the surf and are two year old boy friendly - whats better - hubby even likes them so I guess they will last me a few summers if I look after them:)

    For your information:) Seafolly Goddess Boyleg Maillot. I fell and look like something that walked out of the 50's PERFECT:)

    Have an enjoyable week - wish the boy luck and thinking of you as he comes over that finish line. I am certain that Bijou will enjoy the sand and building sandcastles with her Mum and Dad:) See you when you return - dont get too burnt:)

  6. Good luck on your hunt for that perfect piece of lycra! And sending many wishes your way for Hubby's big day on Sunday. Enjoy your time away:)

  7. Steph you will look incredible in anything you try on....There is a swimming party this weekend and on this body there is no way a suit is going on I will be a party spectastor! have fun!

  8. oh yes, I feel your pain! And then there's leaving your undies on to add to the overall look! Hope it went wel, have a great holiday x

  9. Have a lovely Noosa holiday! and good luck to your hubby in his triathlon!

  10. You look gorgeous! I sympathise with the whole tog-buying-quandry... its horrific for any woman over 25 I think! I had a baby 10 weeks ago, so I can assure you, my bod will not be seeing the fluorescent-insides-of-a-changeroom for a few weeks yet!!

  11. Happy tog shopping -- am sure you will look gorgeous in your choice -- holiday sounds lovely!


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