13 Oct 2010

La Princesse et le Petit Pois - { The Princess and the Pea }

Hubby and I often joke that blogging is a new form of Internet dating. I'm definitely not in the market for a new partner but the amount of friendships I've forged through my blog is amazing. You have your profile just like through the dating agencies and you regularly divulge information about yourself. If someone out there "likes the look of you" they can become a follower of your blog and get to know you better.

And as this is the wholesome world of craft I doubt very much that anyone is gluing their face to a Pamela Anderson picture and scanning it in. And there's no awkward meet ups at the Coffee Club knowing 5 minutes into the converstaiton that it's just not going to work out.

One particular lovely friend I have met through "blog dating" just happens to live 5 minutes down the road. She and I could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles and have done so since the day dot. We have oodles in common and share a passion for creating, being stay at home Mummas and eating yummy food. I'm sure we'd be labelled "compatible" by many a dating site and would go on to have a fairy tale wedding and a wagon full of children.

A few weeks ago her little lady celebrated her fifth birthday....princess style. Bijou and I were invited and excitedly headed off to a gorgeous park to join in the festivities.

I made some crown bikkies, some meringues for the grown ups (this is becoming my signature party dish I think) and a Princess and the Pea doll. I had a crack at some free motion quilting on the little wee doonas and let's just say....you tube, here I come.

Wouldn't you just love to be five again...just for a day! Wishing you a Wednesday full of sunshine, bubbles, skipping and chantilly cream filled meringues.


  1. i love blog dating aswell, such a great thing that blogless friends don't understand.
    especially when you find someone you have so much in common with & you live sooo close is even better.
    your creations, baked & sewn are amazing!
    lucky little Miss...and yes, what I'd give to be a little 5 year old again....sigh

  2. how lucky that you live so close and have so much in common!

    and the princess and her pea is adorable!

  3. "blog dating" is such a great description - I've loved getting to know such great people (including you of course!) through this whole blog thing... and the Princess is lovely!

  4. How can she be five already, time goes to fast. I love the sweet faced doll and your crown cookies, so yummy! I bet she had a beautiful party dress!

  5. Oh yes Steph! I think for me, blogging is the new mothers group!!! Who needs to leave the house and head to a cold dark dingy community hall with babes in arms, when i can log on and meet all you fantastic crafty minx's! How wonderful that a 'compatible type' is only 5 minutes away for you both! That is the making of a lovely love story! he he! Your sweet pea doll and her doona are as always Steph - truely divine!!!

  6. Hello my lovely:) Do tyou think that the government would allow us to have our husbands and be married through our blogs as well.

    So lucky to have found a friend like you and sad that I know that we will be doing the Married but Seperated in a year:( But we will always be able to have holdiays and we will have to go back to being Blog Stalkers:)

    Thanks for all of your help for the party and the Princess and the Pea is the biggest hit - she is so loved and I now need to make her 5 matress' to go with her quilts:) The pea has been lost more times than found and I have to whip up another.

    From the bottom of our hearts - After the man does his crazy thing in a few weeks we will have to have you all over for dinner.


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