25 Oct 2010

Les Marchés au Puces - { The Market of the Fleas }

I often feel that I have been transported back in time and share my humble abode with two women of the Victorian era. Now my husband is a very manly man however when it comes to his attire for the day I can't help but see many similarities. And my girl..

In the Victorian era women of wealth would change their "ensemble" frequently throughout the day in accordance with their pastimes. A morning walking dress, a dress for visiting, a dress for receiving visitors, dresses for lunch, dresses for afternoon tea, a dress for parties....the list goes on.

Although I love washing I have come to notice a slight discrepancy when it comes to whose items predominate those mountainous piles. Mon petit poppet goes through clothes like there's no tomorrow but that's to be expected since she's a toddler and all. Hubby on the other hand...

A day in the life of Victorian Hubby: Remove one's sleeping ensemble (and discard on the floor!) and dress in riding attire to ride one's bicycle into work, discard riding garb and shower, adorning oneself with collared shirt and dress pants (oh the ironing!), de robe in the afternoon and recommence riding "toilette". Arrive at one's domain and change from sweaty bike clothes into fresh "round the house" items. A spot of renovating calls for a change of shirt...and possibly pants. The gong sounds for dinner. Dress in one's finest for a regal supper with loved ones (o.k. I'm exaggerating this one!). That's right ladies....four changes of clothes a day! Victorian woman!!!!

What with all that to-ing and fro-ing from the washing machine to the clothes line I needed something sturdy. My lovely father in law made a wonderful replica of a vintage washing trolley for my mother in law and happily whipped one up for me (that's where Hubby gets his wonderful woodworking skills!). And if that wasn't enough...he made a miniature version for Bijou! He has started a little etsy shop and I'm sure he will sell up a storm. There isn't a thing this man can't make out of wood....he even built a little mini cottage he uses for his work shed!

Many a morning hour (and I mean many!!) are whiled away pottering in the yard with our trolleys. Two peas in a pod! For more blasts from the past please pop in here. Wishing you a week full of adventure.


  1. I love your washing trolley. What a clever father in law you have. Happy washing;)

  2. what a lovely father in law you have (so lucky that you are blessed with handy men in your life). washing would have to be most preferred chore - something about seeing my loved ones washed clothes on the the line *sigh* although I have nothing as classy as your stunning 50's wash trolley! somehow i can imagine you dressed in your finest "at home dress" whilst attending to homely duties! wishing you a wonderful week Steph!
    ps - love the etsy shop!

  3. Those are wonderful and so usefull my little sweet pea goes through clothes like the wind too! her fashion is ever changing!

  4. Just gorgeous! Hope he's as successful as his daughter in law...

  5. Tee hee - sounds like we are the same washer women:) Add PT clothes in there and change collared shirt to spotty PJ's (work uniform)
    I must admit though that I do not iron ones work clothes - he has been trained by the great god's to do that for himself and I just dont do it properly:)

  6. Lucky you with a father-in-law who makes you wonderful things. I had a bit of a laugh at your "day in the life of a Victorian Hubby" - this I can definitely relate too. My girls seem to go through a lot of clothes too - especially Miss 4! Michelle


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