6 Oct 2010

Les Marchés au Puces - { The Market of the Fleas }

You must forgive my blogging absence of late. I'm sure you recall my "delightful" cruise through the Sea of Lurgy and probably think I've been merrily unpacking my bags, handing out souvenirs and settling back into the day to day.

But alas, I'm a greedy gal and wasn't just content with that little sickness sojourn. I decided that a trip to Hand, Foot and Mouth disease would make this the trip of all trips. The kind you talk about for years after and enthrall (re: bore) people with all your snapshots.

The aforementioned bug sounds hideous and it's symptoms are rather bleak and icky however poppet in her true gorgeous fashion has kept her spirits up and is rapidly on the mend. The isolation on the other hand is driving both of us bonkers! What's one to do when cooped up in the nest until all symptoms vanish ....build a plethora of fairytale castles with these yummy vintage blocks picked up at the local "market of fleas" a few weeks ago. And isn't the basket they came in a cutie!!

For other far less germy flea market finds please pop over here.

I think I hear the cabin crew telling me it's time to disembark....hallelujah!!


  1. So good to read that you're on the mend. Take care.

  2. So sorry to hear about that illness Steph! I've heard what that one is like - not nice!

    Loving those blocks and in a perfect basket too!x

  3. Welcome back you poor chook! Have missed you, see you Saturday:)

  4. Oh, Steph, you've had a rough trot. I've been there and it's no fun. Time to leave on a jetplane now ! J x

  5. Oh no, hope the bugs leave your house soon! But, those blocks are too cute, we have a stash of vintage blocks too and LOVE them.

  6. Oh, the land of hand foot and mouth... so glad you're leaving now, not a nice place to visit... (those blocks are very nice though!)

  7. When the cabin crew boot you out we will have to meet up:) You poor loves, if you need anything, call me - I will deliever via homing pigeon.

    Ahh and the hand, foor and mouth - little ones love to share. We have been lucky to escape it in our house so far. But I think that they may both be ammune to it thanks to a rather strong dose that I managed to catch from sharing children and then share onto my new boyfriend at the time:)) hehe - must not have been too scary - he did ask to marry me a few years down the track:)


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