16 Jul 2010

Neuf Têtes - { Nine Heads }

After what seems like an age of the world cocooned in the glory of baby raising I finally feel it is time to give a little back to moi! Fashion was always such a passion for me before Bijou however nurturing a little one requires more hardy wares than say a buttery soft over the knee boot. With the constant inspiration and encouragement of beautiful Brenda at Mira Narnie I have decided to make a leap and let you see a little bit more of the real me (my gorgeous new earrings are courtesy of her...what a legend! You simply must check out her shop).

The crafting side of me is relatively new and though I absolutely adore this new found side of myself I can't help turning back to look at my former self in all her fashionable glory! In days gone by I yearned to be a fashion designer but let my lack of drawing ability hold me back...that and a giant dollop of fear!! I often doodled outfits, kept a clippings folder holding a veritable smorgasbord of magazine cutouts that inspired me, sketched (in my own way) outfits I saw on the street and bought far too many shoes!

With one small purchase of these to die for black studded booties all that magic came flooding back. The colours, the textures, the cuts, the shapes...all those intoxicating things about fashion that kept me coming back for more....and more...and more! So with great excitement and not just a little bit of trepidation I am going to make that jump from the tracky dac wearing Mumma
to a modern woman expressing her individuality. The chasm is quite wide but with the help of some friends I'll get there. So here I present 9 Heads...a weekly (all going well) journey to find my fashionable self. I might design, make something, pull together an outfit...who knows! One things for certain...it will all be for me! Don't worry though, craftiness will still continue!!

Note: 9 Heads is a method of drawing fashion figures using one head as a measurement.

With my raison d'être fast asleep I'm off to give myself a manicure. Something I haven't done in donkeys' years. A trés chic O.P.I number in a delicious mauve colour should do the trick. Hope my finger nails don't fall off in shock!


  1. i'm glad you explained the meaning of 9 heads- i was wondering about that! amazing shoes and those earrings are beautiful. can't wait to see your fashion posts!

  2. Love those OPI nail polish colours! I need a manicure desperately!!! May be tomorrow....

  3. Brill idea Steph!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!x

  4. Love the nail polish colours. My nails don't get much love these days either. Beautiful earrings as well. Do you get the chance to wear the boots? I live in my flats.

  5. yay! what a lovely post, I am truely touched I got a mention. Love your boots and cannot wait to see what fashionista style you bring to the screen...
    (ps - most certainly we are separated at birth - I cannot draw AT ALL but loved to sketch outfits all the while and have artbooks filled with inspirational cutouts too)...xx

  6. hoping your fingernails enjoyed the special attention! rather lovely colours...

  7. wow, exciting Steph! looking forward to your posts & living the life of a fashionista through you.

    thank you also for the sweetest of words..you are amazing ♥


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