23 Jul 2010

Neuf Têtes - { Nine Heads }

Shopping for vintage treasures is one of my greatest joys! Spying a delicate slip buried underneath 1990's shouldered padded numbers. Another pair of knee high boots to add to my vast collection....there is always another hue just around the corner that I never knew I needed!
A man style jacket in a delicious tweed.

Unfortunately though, the bower bird in me is more often than not drawn to the fanciful and theatrical. Sequins, garish colours and prints, silk shantung...more sequins! And therefore I have a wardrobe more fitted to a drag queen than a stay at home Mumma.

Today, an op shopping trawl with my own Mumma Bear. Dressed in vintage finds that are wearable in places other than on the stage of the Moulin Rouge, I hope to channel some brilliant (and practical) finds.

Grey skinny jeans - sass and bide
Black skivvy - Big W
Faux fur vest - vintage
Scarf tied around wrist - vintage
Brown suede boots - Sportsgirl
Handbag - Louis Vuitton

Note: 9 Heads is a way of drawing fashion figures using the head as a measurement.


  1. Looking Gorgeous Miss Steph, just goes to show you dont have to spend a fortune to look stylish! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Looking beautiful Steph! Love your faux fur vest....it's very chic! xo

  3. Love your look! Very stylish! The Faux fur vest is my favourite! Have a great weekend:)

  4. You do look good, very stylish...have a fab weekend.

  5. gripping with anticipation for this post all week and wow - simply stunning, gorgeous and chic and classic! I love the vest and boots but I admit a slight obsession with scarves and I love your idea of tying around your wrist! Can;t wait to see those theatrical pieces....

  6. You look marvelous dahling, just marvelous!!

  7. i love your outfit! i am the same with sequins simply adore them but very rarely get to wear the multiplying items adorned with them in my wardrobe : )

  8. Love the ensemble... don't you just love Sass & Bide jeans, I seriously can't get enough! :) Hazel

  9. Ohh, now why can't I look that good then Steph in such an outfit! Actually quite simple but so, so effective!! Well done you. :)

  10. Very stylish outfit. I like the idea of the scarf tied around your wrist; not thought about that one before, I am going to try it!

  11. Wow you are so stylish! I love how you've tied a scarf around your wrist... will have to try that. :)
    xo MODELmumma


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