22 Jul 2010

Mon Espace Créateur - { My Creative Space }

Well after having quite a giggle at what you thought was my lie, it's time to fess up!! Not only to what is the falsehood but more embarrassingly....the truths! Hello, my name is Stephanie and I love Delta Goodrem (echo..."hello Stephanie"). Sad as you may think..I could play (and sing along to) Delta all day, every day. Yes I have many other favourites but when the chips are down Delta's my gal! O.k. stop sniggering!!!!

And yes, I am terrified of horses. A story too traumatic to relay right now. I'll work up the courage to relive those excruciating moments and fill you in at a later date. And me as an astronaut....ha!! But it was a dream of mine...albeit a fleeting one. Shame I failed Physics and Maths II. Could have been an issue perhaps in deep dark outer space. "Houston, we have a wee problem!"

The Paris one...tick! And delayed name changing....tick, tick. And as far as the sixth sense goes, with the risk of sounding all "Mystic Melanie" on you, my gut feeling has never been wrong....no, never! The hairs stand up on the back of my neck when things aren't quite right and I always follow that feeling...no exceptions. I think it has saved me from some pretty scary episodes!

So yes, the lie was offal. Me loving offal...oh my, could there be a statement any more false. Nothing makes my stomach heave more than a plate of tripe (retching at the thought!). When hubby and I first started going out as mere babes he took me to his family home (an offal loving home I must tell you) and there in his fridge was an ox tongue! Now, I'm not making fun. Each to their own I say but to see that "thing" pressed into a little dish was enough to end the relationship. Thankfully, I didn't let a little (read: HUGE!) aversion to offal turn me off the most remarkable man in the universe.

One part of me that I didn't mention is how crafting has become a way of life for me (o.k. somewhat obvious considering this is what I blog about)! I now find I get tetchy if I haven't made something each day. Nothing is so grounding as stirring a batter, sewing a stitch or knitting a row or two (yes it still continues!!). I do it because I must.

My creative space this week is filled with pressies. I have plenty of birthdays to celebrate this month so first cabs out of the rank are these little glasses and sunglasses cases from Sew Darn Cute for two special ladies. Here's hoping they can fill them with Chanel!!!

To see what all the busy bees out there have been making please pop into Kirsty's lovely blog.


  1. There are gorgeous! I love the one with French themed fabric inside:)

    It's finny but I sometimes feel guilty if I am watching TV and not doing anything as normally I will have some crochet or embroidery... Very strange but true! So I totally understand;)

  2. These are gorgeous Steph! I can just imagine some chanel beauties hidden inside. Hope your week has been lovely so far. xo

  3. Your little cases are terrific! Well done.
    & we won't hold your love of Delta against you! I will say I love ABBA & we're even! lol

  4. There are worse confessions you could have made! Go Delta. : ) The cases are great, I love making presents too. Any excuse to just keep making, I can relate. Kim

  5. oh my goodness- congrats on being in the handmade living book! how absolutely wonderful for you!!! i am so proud- and can't wait to get my hands on it. love those glasses cases they are too cute- such lovely fabrics too. xo m.

  6. Lovely gifts :)
    ... and of course you dislike offal. Yucko big time.

  7. those are the cutest eyeglass cases ever! i'm the same way, i get grumpy if I cant do something crafty every day!

  8. Hey Steph!

    Thank you for your lovely comment =) Thanks for the advice about made it too, I'm looking at it right now its a great website! Your blog is lovely, I love the layout. Hope you have a fab weekend

    Kat x

  9. Oh you picked me! I cannot believe I am one of the special ladies! my little package arrived today and you could not wipe the smile from my face! I adore my french inspired specs case just perfecto for my italian splurge versace's!!!

    ps - glad it was the offal you were fibbing about!!

  10. Great post - and I love the glasses cases. Delta ... really? I was hoping that was the fib ;o)

  11. I loved your story of the tongue in the fridge, My neighbor lady a few years ago asked me to come over and help her carry some thing down to her freezer (she was 89 at the time) so I went and on her kitchen counter was the organs and the tongue of a moose.I made it, but you made me laugh with your story...to me YUCK!

  12. i love that you love delta!!! that's super duper cute x

  13. Nothing wrong with Delta!! But hey - someone has to like offal! Don't they?? Not me but someone....

    Great gifts too!

  14. I love my "lunettes" case. I use it all the time when we go out dancing, as I don't dance with my glasses on. I get lots of comments about it as well.
    Thank you


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