22 Mar 2010

Tarte aux Pommes - {Apple Tart}

With a surplus of apples clogging up my crisper I had baking on my mind. Monday needs baking to make me feel like the cogs of family life are turning back in their weekday rhythm. I love the weekend...chances to dawdle, ponder and discover, but at the beginning of the week I need that familiar hum of the oven fan to gently coerce me back to the ground. Today's delight plucked straight from an epic tome "Food of France" was Tarte aux Pommes. Believe it or not, the French (beautiful souls that they are) have a patron saint, Saint Honoré, to protect the art of patisserie! With this gentle guide whispering encouragement and Mozart playing gently in the background I followed the recipe methodically. A few hours (and a few dozen storybooks and nappy changes!) later I had a perfect tart cooling on my Great Nana's wire rack. Pastry and creme patissiére made from scratch! I must admit I was (and still am) a little bit chuffed.

Ladurée eat your heart out!


  1. Mmmm, looks divine you clever thing... what time did you say morning tea was??

  2. Yumm. I dont have the patience for this type of baking:)

  3. OH no wonder you're loving my Frenchy props!! That tart looks delicious, so neat, wow, yummy. Love Posie


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