21 Mar 2010

Dimanche - { Sunday }

If there is ever a favourite time of the week for me...it has to be Sunday morning! In the car early for a trip to the Chandler Markets to hunt out some treasures. Then an ample serving of delicious Eggs Bennie and a hot coffee at our Paddington café (not really ours...but one we've decided to claim as our own). Poppet delights in the sights and sounds of the flea market and often is the proud recipient of said treasures. Today's find...a vintage metal child's lawnmower! Wait for it...for two dollars!!! I would have paid a lot more for such a beautifully kept item but the victory is all the more sweet when it's a bargain too!

Hubby and I have made a conscious effort to avoid overly commercial toys and provide Bijou with simple toys that encourage that wonder of the human psyche...imagination. One, I must say is already blossoming beautifully! Yes, she still has toys that sing and flash but they are tempered with more gentle, hand crafted toys. We'd love her to have a little slice of our childhoods when we revelled in long days outside conjuring up games long forgotten but at the time, as magical as a dream. Our wish for her...blanket cubbies, building go-carts, dressing up as anyone or anything she imagines, making mud pies, playing spotlight, watching ants and wondering why, where ....we wish for her to dream!


  1. Oh yes, start her early on the mowing love. I mowed our lawns today, my girls look on with that pensive attitude of "OMG, will we have to do that??" My husband is away & i don't mind, mowing is fun. Love Posie

  2. Thanks for visiting and for your thoughtful comment. We subscribe to the same theory when it comes to purchasing toys. Top of the pops in our house is a tray of plain wooden blocks. Like a mini version of the kind you find in a Kindy. It is such a beautiful and precious time! Score on that lawnmower. Lisa

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    We love Sunday mornings around here as well. Starts with poached eggs on toast and just gets better....

  4. Steph, your bargain hunting skills continue to amaze me! Congratulations on having the 'blog thing' down to a fine art. We check in daily for updates (no pressure)!!

  5. Will done on the bargin. We have the same lawn mower (they are now making them like they used too - Baden got it for his birthday)

    Will have to find out about these Markets:) And breakfast Yumm. You will have to let me in on a few of your local spots when we meet up (We had a horrible breakfast a few weeks agon in the Valley.


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