24 Mar 2010

Le bébé nouveau - { The new baby }

Nothing is so delicious as a new baby! I like to think that each new little soul that enters our world will change it in someway no matter how small for the better. Friends of ours have recently welcomed their second daughter into the world and in order to celebrate this delightful occasion I have made a few goodies. A pair of Amy Butler bloomers (who can resist a ruffly little bottom...especially filled with a fat cloth nappy!) and matching singlet. I sewed the buttons on those yo-yos within an inch of their lives so that inquisitive little fingers can't pry them off.

And two little cloth dolly sisters. One for the newborn and the other for big sister to help ease her into her new role. I used the "Mae" pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls . A quick card, my traditional brown paper wrapping with a gorgeous ribbon and flower and all is done. Now all that is left to do is get clucky!!


  1. Oh cluck cluck indeed:) What a lovely gift - I have two new born gifts to make here - but they are boy ones - so not a pretty:(

  2. Gorgeous products, just beautiful, lucky new baby girl. You can go all out with girls, it's so fun!! Ah, that new baby smell, gimme gimme, love Posie

  3. Very gorgeous gifts, Steph. What lucky little girls indeed!

  4. Very sweet gift! Lucky new baby and big sis too :)


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