18 Mar 2010

Il fait du vent - {It is windy}

It is blowing a gale in Brissie at the moment and my poppet's door has a knack of slamming just as she peacefully drifts off to sleep. The makeshift solution of two pairs of Daddy's socks keeping the door slightly ajar has gone on long enough!

Introducing Olivier!! His friends call him Olly but we've only just met so I wouldn't presume to be so informal. Using the gorgeous owl pattern by Abigail Patner Glassenberg of While She Naps from the Softies book I whipped him up in a jiffy! I'm sure if he could talk.....or when he talks (I still haven't quite let go of the notion that toys come to life at night time) he will tell the nearby Aussie vintage teddies in heavily accented English that, "only ze French man could wear ze Heather Bailey Pop Garden with such panache!"

Here he is, pride of place! Bijou just adores him and the house has been filled all afternoon with a delightful cacophony of "wot dat" ("what's that" for those who don't speak Bijou-ese) at a variety of speeds, pitches and volumes with him tucked firmly under her little wing. Mummy bliss!


  1. Bonjour! Steph, the site looks great, it is a credit to you. It certainly matches the quality of the clothes (and toys), absolutely beautiful.

  2. Adorable!! On no, windy Brisbane, but we're moving up there at Christmas time!! Not a huge fan of gale force winds, especially the icey ones we get in Canberra off the Brindabella mountains, brrrrrr. Love Posie

  3. A warm welcome to Blogland! Love Olivier, very cute, and the blog looks great. Looking forward to joining you on this new adventure. Have lots of fun.

  4. He is adorable - I would carry him around under my arm too - I am in love with his felt eyes.

    And finally welcome to blogland. Shall catch up soon - should we pencil in next week:)


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