30 Jul 2013


Lately, come about mid afternoon, the vivid blue Winter sky is cloaked in grey. Sometimes there is rain but more often than not the clouds play cat and mouse with the sun. When beams of light finally peak through, a golden glow is cast about our home. At first I deemed it eerie, reminiscent of creaking floorboard and dusty candelabra filled mansions. But now this yellow haze imbues my world with a warmth, a serenity.

It has tuned my eye into luscious shades of mustard and ochre. The fire work pops of wattle on the road side, delicate rattan baskets  filled with blocks and shells and snippets of my babies' worlds, and earthy yarn that begged to be brought home with me. With still a good few nights of snuggled under blanket, tea sipping, knitting kind of weather left in this season I might just cast on a yellow inspired tea leaves cardigan*   for my very own.

What colour is inspiring you?

Steph x

* Tania's beautiful tea leaves cardigan gave me the push to cast on a "me" sized project.


  1. Oh I know what you mean Steph. We have beautiful big windows that look out to the sky and this season has seen the most beautiful colours fill the air around us just as we start packing up in the garden and heading upstairs again. It's the oranges that take my breath away. There was one day last week that I had to stop what I was doing in the kitchen because I'd never witnessed the colour of the light all around the house. It's magical. x

  2. I see you have a lovely mustardy yellow theme there. You have wattle! The wattle here hasn't flowered yet, but it can't be too far away now. So flattered to be mentioned. I am sure you will breeze through the project. If I can do it anybody can!


Your words brighten my day! Thank-you so much for joining me on my adventure. x