12 Jul 2013


I revel in slow days. Quiet times with no intention or plans. Times to waltz about the day filling it with occasional stirrings of a bubbling pot, hanging some washing in the sunshine and smiling at rainbow gumboots galloping on the dewy grass. Amidst the whirlwind of living I have endeavoured to create many snippets of this slowness for my babies and let their childhoods unfold to the tempo of a budding flower. Time spent at home, time spent at play.

However, this desire to cocoon ourselves from the lightening speed of the world outside whilst essential and nourishing can sometimes lead us into hermit territory. And especially when Winter's icy fingers prod us back indoors the thought of stepping one foot in front of the other to explore and discover is far from appealing. But adventure at its very best is not always easy and not often presented on a gleaming silver platter.  It is rather an opportunity seized or an ideal chased where one's fears must be squashed down deep and a brave face plastered on like red lipstick. I owe it to my babies to show them this world.

With her gentle and knowing ways my dear friend Sarah has blown fresh air into our world and inspires me to shake off my homebody rut. Along with her beautiful little men she has lead us on grand quests and adventures. Her spirit is one of nature, possibility and reflection and I feel very blessed to know her.  To seize all the wonder in this world is a dream I cling to so desperately and I will be forever thankful to this kindred spirit for helping me turn my dream into reality.

Steph x

Sarah and I took our babies to the Maleny Dairy where we meandered over muddy pastures and lapped up the gentle friendships between not only ourselves but our babies.


  1. What a beautiful post Steph. I have only spent a little time with Sarah - but you describe her perfectly. xx PS: That photo of the little ones holding hands...melt.

  2. Your pictures really capture those lovely "intimacies".
    We too have visited those same muddy pastures! The midmorning light that hits that cheery green hillside against the crisp white of the Saanen goats....love.
    Our little boys loved those retired tractors :)

  3. Your photos are beautiful Steph... four adorable little ones between you and Sarah :) I love the hand holding shot... so precious xx

  4. Looks like a lovely day out with friends.

  5. Sarah is a lovely motivator, isn't she. Xxx these photos are so warm. Beautiful xx

  6. such a beautiful post and so blessed to have you in my life also ... i always come away with a new found sense of calm and you always leave me feeling more capable, creative and inspired. those images have captured the warmth and beauty of our day perfectly. xxxx

  7. these images are so beautiful steph! makes this city girl want to take a trip with the littles. x


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