13 Jul 2013


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou -  Bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Remy - And just like that my baby is a little boy.

This week I adored Advay's soulful eyes and Mila's dinner time delight.
Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

Steph x


  1. That is a simply stunning portrait of Bijou in black and white. And sweet Remy has grown so quickly and is such a cute little boy. Wishing you a lovely Sunday. x

  2. I can see an extremely beautiful lady in Bijou!
    By the way, would you mind telling me how you pronounce her name?

    1. I see it too! Thank-you so much. Her name is French for gem or jewel and is pronounced Bi-joo (short i sound as in igloo and the j has the sound the g makes in beige). Does that make sense? Hope all is lovely in your world :) xx

  3. Oh he is a little boy, and Bijou looks so beautiful and grown up here too.
    I hope you're having a happy weekend. xo

  4. These are stunning Steph. Just beautiful xx

  5. what stunning children you have....they both look to have "old souls" in those eyes. Al x

  6. Delightful pic's........and Remy is still a babe, look at those cheeks, still have some time yet xx

  7. Love Remy's knitwear. They both look so grown up in their images this week

  8. Those little faces! Just lovely! :)

  9. Oh such beautiful pics. Your little girl looks so grown up and the light is superb of your little one! Visiting via Che and Fidel! : )

  10. gorgeous as always, can't believe that is your baby girl! sorry I missed you Saturday, but looking forward to seeing you Thursday night x

  11. you have such an amazing way of capturing your little ones and the light all at the same time. Love it.


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