31 Oct 2012

for the soul

Thank you so much for joining me here in my new space. I have pottered and pondered plucking little snippets of myself and adding them to my bower. A little haven that reflects me at this stage of my life adventure. I would love for you to become and follower and join me.

It is a space where I gather moments of my world. Thoughts, images and words. The ones I want to remember. The ones I want my babes to delve into when they are all grown up and pull out each one, unfold it carefully and admire it's beauty....and remember.

I will fill it with the things that feed my soul.

Steph x

Images taken whilst "feeding my soul" at a local antique centre. Leaf tea and scones with fig jam and double cream not photographed ;)


  1. Love the new space and the new name.

  2. Gorgeous banner! Did you paint that Steph? It's just beautiful. Look forward to following you and your happenings in this new space.

    1. Thanks so much lovely Tania! Watercolours are a long lost love of mine. It felt good to paint again. Hope all is lovely in your world :) x

  3. It looks like a beautiful new space Steph. xx

  4. Congrats on your move steph!! so clever that you even moved all your previous content!!! I'm so excited to see what you create in this space. Your blog header is divine too Steph xx

  5. Hello! I'm doing some bloggy account maintenance today so will add this gorgeous new space of yours to my blog list immédiatement. (btw that J & G Meakin teaset would be to die for! I love to collect that china, but perhaps not at that price...) xx

  6. Hi Steph, lovely to meet you! I have those cups in the 5th picture down- they were given to us by an elderly client of Paul's and I love them!

  7. Steph you have created a beautiful space here...So serene and welcoming :)

  8. Look forward to joining you on this next stage of your journey....
    Ronnie xo


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