25 Oct 2012

a new toy

There was a time not that many sleeps ago that I thought that all wool was created equal. Gaudy balls of raspy fibres lining the fluorescent lit aisles of Big W.  Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one...drop a stitch...poke concentration tongue out harder in a last ditch effort to save said stitch....pitch the whole lurid creation at the floor and stomp off huffily. Deflated, with nerves all prickly and raw. Scraggy, coarse yarn repelling all touch.

My former self would no doubt be intimidated by the girl I have become. Time and a whole lot of practice, tedious knitting and re-knitting, and casting the net far and wide in search of answers to my often simple minded questions has finally made the penny drop. The code is no longer fuzzy nor does it send my synapses into paralysis. The gentle, rhythmic motion now relaxes my day weary body and nourishes my soul. I have become a knitter.

I believe that all new growth after much toil should be rewarded and so a gleaming new swift and ball winder have become my very own. Those twisty skeins of yarn I so long admired yet was too scared to ask what they were and how could I possibly get them onto needles can now with an effervescent turn of the handle become perfect balls. It is also a family affair that elicits much laughter!
Pale blue pima cotton transformed ready for Mumma's needles. A wee summer vest for my blue girl I daresay. Knit one, purl one, knit one.......
Joining this wonderful community today.
Steph x


  1. It's so heartening to read this, there is light at the end of the repetitive knitting/unpicking learner grind! Lovely wee gadget you got yourself there (i've never even seen one of those before-i have so much more to learn! Happy knitting x

  2. I love these images of your wee girl hard at work too.

  3. Oh how I need a gadget like this..winding the skeins by hand is so tedious and I am always getting myself in a tangle!

  4. It is amazing what time and determination can do. If you're like me - I said for many years that I wanted to learn to knit. And I eventually did. With lots of mistakes along the way. Where did you get your swift? I'm thinking I might just need to get one at some point.

  5. Hey there been a long time since i was having a peek in to your blog world!! I have only just found this very gadget... It is now sitting nicely in my sewing room ready for action xx

  6. and hello, i've found you on ravelry too!
    can't wait to see that little dress come together!

  7. Oh Steph you know you have me green with envy! A knitter i will never be...well, unless you were my neighbour and had the patience of a saint to teach me! what a wonderful craft you have found a love for! And those pictures...oh they melt my heart! bless you and your lovely family dear one xx

  8. I remember that girl that sat at my kitchen table one day with much excitement as she cast on her first project. The too tight and odd shaped first dish cloth (that I am certain is still washing dishes in your sink)
    I love that you have found the art of knitting relaxing and rewarding, I knew that it would.
    Loving that blue and the pictures of your helpful two and the new swift and winder. I was given a knitting machine last week, I now need to sit and read the manual and work it all out.

  9. I can't wait to see the finished vest! :)
    Ronnie xo

  10. I love her expression … captivated by the magic that is swift and winder!


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