9 Oct 2012

Flower Press

We live a pretty slow existence here, my babes and I. Gentle barefoot wanders in leafy places stopping to pick this, smell that. The kitchen bench is constantly littered with remnants of these times outdoors. I treasure her keen eye and quiet stance when some reptilian soul crosses out path. I adore how she really knows  plants; how they work, the names of the parts, what they are for. I smile at how he stuffs each one ever so delicately in his mouth.

But blooms dry up, petals fade and seeds that were once locked safely inside strew the floor. Ah, to stop time in this ongoing life cycle of growth. To be able to cradle the beauty of a flower forever. A snapshot of each of it's magnificent stages of development.

If only my babes would fit in the flower press.

Steph x


  1. Sweetness! I have a flowerpress that I got from Rudy and the Dodo in my 'gift box' and now I'm going to get it out and give it to the girls 'just because'. After reading your post, I couldn't bear for it to go to another fam after all. x

  2. That flower press is one of the cutest I've seen - so sweet!!

  3. My daughter loves to eat flowers and weeds!

  4. so sweet steph...just enjoying the simple things hey! nothing better in the stay at home mother world xx

  5. I was just reading a book yesterday about making cards from pressed flowers. After reading your post I want to press some flowers too! I just need to get myself a cute little flower press like that one:)


  6. hello from a new follower! such beautiful photos. I pressed flowers when I was little, but under the weight of a heap of my parents rotated coffee table books. I would usually forget and find shriveled little brown things years later. I like the old-school method but at least with your press you remember where you have put them!


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