26 Sep 2012

Starry, starry night

The cupboard above our fridge houses her creative tools. The shelves hold paints in rainbow hues, snips of paper, patty pans, feathers and shells. The Play School play dough recipe penned in teal in my familiar scrawl is taped to the door where it can be referred to often.  Beside it,  her first ever drawing of me.

Stopping myself short today as I reached on tippie toes for something playful for my girl  I pondered our views on children's art making. In our bid to make their world full of excitement and captivation there is always colour. But oh what wonders hide in the inky places of this universe.

 My hand reached for the vivid yellow paint and wavered. It then headed east toward the white.  A contrasting black paper was inevitable. And silver. Metallic silver pigment , a shower of silver glitter and mirror like silver stars.

White swirls erupted over the jet surface. Cumulonimbus clouds billowed high in the night sky. Would there be rain? Not this night. With a gentle breeze the luminous stars were unveiled. I closed my eyes and blew a wish to the heavens. May you shine my little one.

Steph x


  1. oooh i'm planning a bit of crafty action these holidays now that the REAL holiday is over ;-(( hope the sun is still shining in your glorious state! It was so lovely to visit you for real, and now call you a real friend and not just someone I date over the internet hehehehe!!! much love to your squishy adorable babes xx

  2. Such a beautiful story to go along with your fun crafting adventure with your sweet little one. I do love colour but the black and silver is very pretty and sparkly too. xx


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