27 Sep 2012

Birdie's Bed


I have amassed  rather an abundant collection of embroidered guest towels from my delicious potters around op shops. Sorbet hued and hand sprinkled with tiny stitches of flowers and curlicues.

They lie hidden in the depths of my vintage cupboard. They wait. On a good day when the cogs of my brain glide together effortlessly I think of them in all their pastel glory. Oh what plans I have for this delicate assortment. But today...today Birdie needs bed clothes.

Perfectly sized for her cradle only needing a snippet of vintage sheeting for backing. A pillowslip or two stuffed with fleece and a much loved crocheted cushion from the dearest of souls.

Sherbet flowers, a steaming mug of vanilla scented chai tea, simple sewing for my girl. Just the tincture I needed to cure my creating malaise.

Part of this wonderful community today.

Steph x


  1. how beautiful!

    i was thinking last night while i was reading a post of yours, you write absolutely beautiful posts. they're so thoughtfully prepared and they always put a smile on my face and lift my heart a little.
    thank you!

  2. One of the best feelings in the whole world is to make make beautiful use of the bits and bobs we've been saving. Its all just gorgeous. Birdie is a lucky dolly indeed. x

  3. Surely the luckiest doll ever. Beautiful

  4. Just divine my sweet friend! and it took me a while to recognise that little crochet cushion! my little miss often raids my scrap pile to make little beds and whatnot! love their imagination...bijou of course has plentiful and glad to see your creative spark bringing smiles all round xx

  5. this is so very lovely! did you make the doll also? i'm looking for a tutorial :)sarah

  6. How gorgeous Steph, love her little granny square cushion too :)

  7. Is it weird to be a little bit jealous of a dolly's bed??? x

  8. What a lovely little pile of fabrics together, glad you have your creative mojo back too. mel x

  9. Dolly's bed is precious. Love the soft girly feel, very sweet. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  10. Birdies bed is devine (although I would not expect anything less)


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