30 Sep 2012


Bijou: How I often find you; a sprinkling of crumbs around your mouth, lips pouted and head cocked in concentration, wrapped in something silky or sparkly.

Remy: My little man...you eat anything and everything with such gusto.

Capturing little snippets of my babies' daily magic and joining in with this gorgeous soul.

Steph x


  1. loveliness! so glad you joined in the project, you will love it :) beautiful way to start, too. have a delightful day:)sarah

  2. Lovely pictures....such a lovely way to be able to look back and remember each week :) x

  3. These photos are just beautiful Steph I can see the concentration on Bijou's face so very sweet and Remy what a gorgeous little man you are. Ahh I remember those sand eating days with now Miss 13:) xx

  4. Yummo - sand:) Adorable pics of your two Steph

  5. Oh yes, don't they love the sand?! I must say Bijou looks like such a stylish little French lady with her scarf :)

  6. oh i missed this post! Bijou in deep concentration! oh such wisdom i see in her and remy...what can I say...adorable and so clever that mumma decided to snap a photo instead of run and ruin his fun!


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