6 Jul 2012


I. Can. Not. Put. It. Down!

The amazing hand painted Japanese yarn made from a mixture of silk, kid mohair and lamb's wool...

The clever pattern that looks trés tricky but is actually a snap...

The way each new nubbly silken row unveils a different vivid colour....

So random...so organic. No obvious pattern to the colours....no control. A project forcing me to just go with the flow.

Just where I need to be today.

Wishing you cups of teas aplenty my lovelies over this wintry weekend.


  1. That is the most beautiful yarn I've seen! You're right - so organic and i love the random hues...whatever you are making (which sure does look tricky - i think you are too modest!) will be divine...enjoy your crafting afternoon xx

  2. Oh my, I'm going to dream in those colours tonight..........

  3. This is a great pattern:) love the yarn.

  4. Such beautiful yarn, it looks like it would be so soft to wear too. I hope you are keeping nice and warm drinking lots of tea today, it's a dreary day today. Have a wonderful week lovely. xx

  5. What gorgeous colours. So impressed with your knitting projects! Have a lovely winter week with your gorgeous fam!


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