29 Jun 2012

Making Me Smile Today

She pulled rainbow vintage sheets from my cupboard...she up-ended the peg basket....she reached for my hand...

She lay every towel we own inside for carpet (and I mean every towel!)....she collected a menagerie of teddy friends...

Cups of tea were made....doors were peeped out of....

...and Mumma knitted.

Wishing you a vibrant and adventurous weekend.


  1. that's what little dreams are made of! so sweet.

  2. Now this is what vintage sheets are for, nothing better than a little rainbow teahouse! melx

  3. A vintage sheet tent, tea with a preschooler and knitting...what more could a girl want? :)

  4. how could you possibly want them to grow up?? That is just gorgeous. xx

  5. Oh that is just adorable!!! What a perfect way to spend the day and let mumma knit away a few rows!!! Seriously your collection of vintage sheets in enviable!

  6. This is just like a day out of my own life! Bliss (not fun putting all the towels & sheets away, but that's OK)


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