18 Jun 2012

Picnic Rug

Dappled sun light....still dewy grass....a bite in the air that sends your outward breath off into the day with a puff of steam....

When sun warmed rooms lure us in to hibernate beneath folds of wool ....we head out of doors.

Country terrine spread lavishly over crusty baguette....piquant cornichons..... yielding, oozy brie...

With every inch of our bodies covered with layers of warmth save our face....cheeks ruddy with the smack of cool....eyes radiant....alive.

Thermos of steamy tea...crumbly cake speckled with cinnamon...with sugar.

Frisbees....daisy chain making....meandering.....

Rolling with gay abandon down lush grassy hills....rising with twigs snagged in flyaway hair...beaming.

Sky so blue and perfect a single cloud dare not teint it's purity.

Winter wrapping it's magic around and intoxicating me like each year before.

Picnic rug I made from vintage sheets and backed with a vintage blanket in exactly the same shades of blue. Serendipitous! Pattern from Handmade Home by Amanda Blake-Soule. Utterly divine vintage picnic basket thanks to  Make Mine Mid-Century who gifted this to us. Thanks so much, we adore it!


  1. Ah, that was delicious, Steph. x

  2. Don't mind me, I'll just sit to the side and enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of cake ;)
    Really love the colours in your picnic blanket.

  3. What a beautiful picture you painted:) That picnic rug is all shades of beautiful blue. x

  4. Gorgeous rug Steph and I was wondering if you did ever get that basket from MMMC- could not have gone to a better suited girl I say. melx

  5. Sounds just wonderful, I would love to be invited to your next picnic.
    Your blanket is magical. :)

  6. hi Steph, wow love it. all colour coordinating. Even your child is dressed to match!! ha ha. cheers Trish.


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