14 May 2012

Her Toy Shelf

In our ongoing quest to simplify the little world we call home, our attention turned to toys.
Now Bijou has far from a Mr Toy's Toyworld in her room as we're quite selective when it comes to toy buying, but she still has oodles! Most of them have always lived quite happily in her built in cupboard with a few out in her room but now that she's a wee bit older I wanted her to have a bit more autonomy over them. I've always loved those ikea cube shelves but the thought of driving there and wrangling two poppets through it's neverending maze gave me conniptions.

Enter one grotty, slightly dilapidated but nonetheless gorgeous old turned leg cupboard. It may very well have been a road side pickup but who knows these days such is my scary ability to collect old furniture that I endeavour to revamp one day...or perhaps start a shop with considering the sheer number of old souls loitering about in our garage and shed!

I removed the beautiful old doors and have stored these in case we ever want to restore this glorious old cupboard back to its original state. A thorough splotching with my ever favourite hue for furniture and some heavenly vintage wallpaper attached to the back (I just slid the shelves out and then used PVA glue to attach long sheets of the wallpaper to the back sections.  There was however some serious wrangling as the paper refused to do what it was told).

It looked so pretty I almost didn't want to fill it!

Some large white wicker baskets from here, and a few of her faves on display.

Now my girl can choose her own adventure. And put them back when she's finished! Also, I can now easily rotate the toys every few weeks to keep her inspired (more about this another day).

Oh how I love a good re-purpose and a thorough clean out. I'm Tazzie Devil-ing my way round this house at the moment in an attempt to declutter....and simplify.  Life is good :)


  1. just gorgeous as per usual Steph! Your ability turn things into sensory wonders is amazing! I pleased however to see that old doors have been stored... I did have a little conniption of my own thinking those beautiful art deco pieces had been tossed.. phew! x

  2. It is gorgeous- love the wallpaper you used. I so want to go and do some toy decluttering and organising now-doing any decluttering always puts me in good mood!

  3. Steph i love this! I was hunting for a similar style solution to my little miss's woes, but instead I gave up and opted for the IKEA cube shelf reluctantly, but I do agree that her having autonomy over her books and toys is just a delight....I love the wallpaper (even if it was mischievous!)

    Will email you the dates of my trip soon my dear (we are staying at Noosa!)

    much love to you all

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Please, please, pretty please tell me where you got your gorgeous fabric dolls from? They are delightful and perfect for my daughter Sage! Anna xxx

  5. Such an adorable solution to your storage dilemma Steph and truly gorgeous. The vintage wallpaper really does make such a difference.

  6. Great job Mum. Just wondering ...when you have finished decluttering your place how about starting on mine!

  7. Looks fantastic. We have the ikea cubes and they are good but this has much more style. Love all the goodies too including that darling sewing machine. And the vintage wallpaper- just your shade! I am doing a dresser at the moment and so enjoying playing with all the wallpaper. melx

  8. Wow what a sweet makeover. Your little girl is so lucky! Love the wallpaper and the way you have arranged the toys. Makes me want to go and declutter my teenaged girls toys right now (I wish!)

  9. Best makeover ever! Such an adorable little space.

  10. Steph you are a clever crafty lady and Bijou is one very lucky girl. That little cupboard has turned into one gorgeous place to put her toys. xx

  11. Wow, what a transformation... You clever thing! It's just beautiful, I'd like it in my bedroom please!

  12. This is so so beautiful! I'm completely inspired. Pinned it :)

  13. Oh i love how it turned out, so cheerful.
    I had that same turquoise holly hobbie sewing machine as a girl. I wonder whatever happened to it?


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