10 May 2012

Her Mobile

We have been so very blessed with the way Bijou has welcomed her little brother into the world. From the moment my belly started to swell she has talked to him....she has loved him.

Their blossoming relationship is so magical to watch.  She reads to him....he calls for her....she beckons me to come and feel his soft hair again and again....his face lights up when she appears before him.

She shares everything with him...and him with her. So when I dangled a new Mumma made mobile above Remy's cot, my girl asked if she could have one too.

The most simple pattern for some little wee birds...some vintage sheet scraps...a stick we fossicked about at the local park for....a lick of paint...and her rainbow hued feathered friends took flight.

Do pop over to the wonderful new home of all things fabulous and crafty.


  1. steph, i love this story...what a sweet big sister and it seems she feels so proud of her baby brother. what a marvellous mobile too - so whimsical and dreamy! happy friday and have a fabulous weekend xx

  2. Such a beautiful story of sister and brother. I have no doubt that it will always stay that way. Beautiful mobile too. You are always making such beautiful things for your gorgeous little family.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I can't believe that you have made these birds! I have about 20 of them sewn, stuffed, but not finished up or suspended for my little girl who you can see is now 3! Good work...suzy xoxo

  4. No way! I tossed up today if I should post about my finished quilt or my finished birds....I too have just finished and hung my birds(post to follow next week). My bubba loves to look at them hanging up high. I love your colours and I love the white stick, it makes it so more feminine. It seems we have much in common, I have also just spotted your vintage sheet quilt, you have done a magnificent Job with it... far more detailed than mine. Some beautiful and similar fabrics in there. :)

  5. That is really delightful Steph! Love the painted twig and the vintage fabrics. Being not a typical "baby" mobile the kids will be able to enjoy them for years. Come to think of it these would brighten up any room!

  6. Love the use of the vintage fabric Steph. I started a few of these birds when pregnant with our little one but never finished stitching after stuffing them.


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