9 May 2012

Blue Girl Shrug

There has been a flurry of casting off lately and first cab off the rank was mon petit poppet's blue shrug. I used a gorgeous pale blue Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and the shrug pattern from the Simply Baby book by Debbie Bliss. I did a whisker of maths and extended the sleeves by a few centimetres as my little love is long and lean.

It was my first attempt at seaming since this little wee cardigan and I can proudly say I've finally got it! Twas a super squishy knit to make and flew off the needles (pity it then sat in my basket for an age waiting for the ends to be woven in!). I simply couldn't help myself and set up these piccies almost the same way as when I photographed Bijou wearing her last cardi.

The cheeks have fined down a little... the limbs are much longer....

The love of my jewelry box had not waned....nor has the length of those eyelashes....

And me? I'm as smitten as ever with my gorgeous blue girl. So much love.

Debbie Bliss shrug raveled here.


  1. Oh Steph....what a treasure - both the sweet girl and her cardi! I was hoping blue was still her favourite colour! Seriously....one day, you will have to teach me how to knit! xx

  2. Ha! yes it is the same colour - that's two blog posts in a row that we've done the same thing...snap! Your blog is beautiful BTW I will seriously stalk it tonight after the squidgets are in bed. Oh and the shrug (and the petit poppet) both cute-as.

  3. I LOVE it! I did the same pattern in a yellow and it's still a little big in the arms, but she'll get there. I love blue on girls, as opposed to the overused standard pink :)
    Yes, that is so true of your comment on the Kina. As soon as you get past the sleeves it's all fine. Almost done now..

  4. Simply gorgeous! I have never enjoyed seaming knits and tend to lean towards the all-in-one knits.
    Our girl is a huge lover of blue too )


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