31 Mar 2011

My Creative Space - The Quilt

Tis with a grey cloud circling above my head today that I finally unveil my first little quilt. Not because I'm not over the moon with it, or because I did a botch job! No, to say I'm a wee bit chuffed would be rather an understatement. But it's completion marks the end of my beginner's quilting class and for that I'm feeling a bit like Eeyore on one of his particularly melancholic days.
Every Wednesday night I would pack up my little vintage sewing basket, my gal pal Jan and this quilt at various stages of her metamorphoses and would trundle off to the dearest little quilting shop to learn this careful and historic art. It was a slice of "me" time that I so relished.

Women of all ages came together under one roof to learn, to inspire and be inspired, to natter about this and that...and then about that some more. To drink cups of tea and munch of bikkies. To teach, to support and encourage. And to watch magic unfold under their very fingers.

The ladies at The Quilters Corner are rare gems in the crafting world. With their nimble fingers and quick wits they immersed us in the world of quilting, teaching us all the knowledge we needed to be successful yet "keeping it real". There was no unpicking if something was a wee bit wonky nor aspirations to a perfect ideal. Just trés knowledgeable lovelies sharing their skills....and their passion. I loved every minute of it!

And as to whether Bijou loves it...this piccie speaks for itself.

While my babe sleeps I'm off to have a peek at all these creative folk.

The Quilters Corner is located in Keperra, Brisbane. For details on Beginner's classes (or any other wonderful class), or simply to browse the beautiful array of fabrics contact the lovely Liisa or Michelle on 3855 2222.


  1. Pretty quilt...Looks like your daughter loves it!

  2. Oh my that looks amazing...! Love that last photo, obviously it is perfectly snuggly!

  3. That sounds wonderful Steph!
    So great to get all the info and tips from experienced ladies.
    Its absolutely beautiful - and I can't believe how much your little one has grown!X

  4. oh the poppet looks adorable under that fabulous quilt, great work, I love your quilt

  5. Beautiful colours and I love the big floral edge to your quilt. Your daughter looks adorable sleeping under it!

  6. Great effort with your quilt Steph. It turned out lovely. I regularly frequent Liisa and Michelle, it is a lovely place...lots of chatter and laughter. I love your choice of fabrics.

  7. Simply beautiful. Very well done for your first quilt, looks quite tricky.

  8. It is beautiful. Well done!

  9. thats soooo gorgeous (the pic and the quilt!). I'm glad you showed a closeup of the butterfly (I wasn't sure from the pic before whether it was sewn on or part of the pattern) - love the colours too :-)

  10. your quilt is so pretty! I'm sure it is going to very well loved. what an adorable picture of your little sleeping with it.

  11. Oh the Quilt!!! Look at all it;s loveliness Steph, you have certainly excelled and created such a beautiful treasure for Bijou!!! And how nice it must have been to pop off each week and gossip with some ladies and stitch into the night - you night have to sign up to the advanced course!!! Your poppet looks so peaceful dreaming away, and wow-ee that little cushion matches!!!
    happy days to you all
    b xx

  12. It's just beautiful Steph, well done! You may just have to sign up for another class me thinks;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  13. It looks lovely Steph well done. You will have to pick up the knitting needles again or even bring some hand stitching and join me on a Monday night:) (or maybe you will have to give me the wool so u can knit a milo vest for B before she out grows the yarn. Have to catch up next week. Love K

  14. Hi Steph, your quilt certainly does look gorgeous, you did a wonderful job! It was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with you. You're the sort of person who reminds me of how blessed I am to have a job which indulges my passion. I look forward to seeing the beautiful creations you will continue to make.
    Merci beaucoup, mon amie (hopefully after 4yrs of French I got that right!)
    Michelle (The Quilters Corner) xx

  15. this is gorgeous! i love the colour combination you have chosen... lovely!

    kel x


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