7 Mar 2011

Let's play.....washing up!

Morning sun filtering through the blinds onto copper highlighted hair.... wee little feet perched on a delicious shabby chair....

the peaceful yet busy clinking of vintage cups and saucers..... the thorough washing...and re-washing of every nook and cranny...

Such careful placement of precious things....such splishy splashy fun with others....

...bubble beards for Mumma.....cheeky grins.....my girl simply LOVES to wash up!! Possibly the cheapest toy on the market.

Oh how I've missed you bloggy friends! The computer is having conniptions on the most grandest of scales!! It is time my dears to give it the old heave ho!!! Have my eye on an Apple Mac notebook but am just a teensy bit scared of learning a new scary "code". Stuck in a Microsoft rut....not me?!! Any tips from you lap top loving gals out there? What do you have, what's good? Oh the conundrum!!!


  1. once you use a mac you'll never look back! (just realised that cheesily rhymes...) they are awesome, so easy to use and easy for people used to PC's to get the hang of pretty quickly.
    lovely washing up pics too, looks like she's having a great old time, love it when they get really into little household tasks, too cute!

  2. You have my complete sympathy, having judy been through the same traumas. All you need is s Significant Birthday and your daughter and son-in-law will buy you a new Toshiba laptop. Hmm ... going by the oh-so-cute cute photos, you may have to wait a while for that one!

  3. What a delightful way to spend one's time...each of my children have spent hours at the sink washing :)

  4. Oh look at that sweet sweet smiling face!!! Yes, my two love to do some washing up, but i usually get a big bucket, and put it outside on the grass, so they can go to town. your little miss looks very dainty and careful!!

    So sad not having you around blogland - you have been missed ;-(
    As for the computer issue - I got a mac book 3 years ago and i never looked back to my microsoft days!! Having said that - you still can get some software that is just the same (ie; microsoft office - for mac!) so they have definitely thought of us poor darlings scared of a change!! My mac is hooked up to wi-fi which means i can toddle around the house the the computer at the table, floor, kitchen bench, or even outside and still search the web!! perfect!

    ps - i know i've been slack, but bijou;s gift is almost complete!!!!!!
    pps - thanks for all your lovely comments! You are a gorgeous one xx

  5. Very cute Steph!! She looks very focused!!
    We swapped to a Mac and I absolutely LOVE it!! There are some differences, but there is so much online support and you can book sessions at the apple store to upgrade your knowledge. We need a laptop for our trip, so we will probably buy a macbook pro (which they have just recently upgraded)
    Happy computer shopping!!

  6. Beautifully sweet photos. I love the serious concentration. My little 2 year old loves to wash up too. The more bubbles the better. I'm not quite brave enough to give her non-plastic dishes yet though;)

    A mac is definitely the way to go - so so easy! I love ours!

  7. She is so sweet - and look she even cleans in her beads like the queen:)
    Have missed you in Bloggity land! I have a Dell. Still Microsoft (I am a creature of habit - or rather DH is) and have been so happy with there after service and help for a hopeless blogger:)

  8. Such a classic pic.
    Seems like yesterday
    that both of mine
    adored doing this....
    Now they make themselves
    scarce, lickety-split,
    at wash-up time!!! I'd
    say, don't discount the
    lovely PC's out there.
    I was all set to buy an
    i-phone yesterday, but
    got another instead that
    I just adore. There is
    so much hype about apple
    products, but they are
    not always the end all and
    be all. I'm just saying....
    Happy Monday,
    xx Suzanne

  9. Aww your poppet is just the sweetest standing there washing the dishes:) I bought a Mac a month ago and I love having my own computer to take around with me. I'm slowly getting used to some of the programs, I would definitely recommend buying one. Enjoy computer shopping. xo

  10. super cute your little gal....gorgeous!!

    now onto the computer....an apple a day and you'll be a happy girl i promise!!

    i have an apple mac book pro- a bday pressie from my hubby & i am in L.O.V.E with it steph....

    just beautiful to look at- so easy to get around...
    so much fun...i have even added an i-phone to my little french basket to hook up to it....

    a vintage, up-cycling life with state of the art gadgets!

    happy thinking....& washing up with that little angel..
    Melissa xx

    p.s thanks also so much for the Hope Softies email...am attempting to get to my in-bos like the rest of us...xx

  11. She's such a treasure Steph, so cute. I'm a PC girl... but Mac's just look and sound cool, don't they... surely that has to count for something:)

  12. Steph, I also have a Mac Book Pro and I've found it easy to go from a PC to the Mac. I inherited hubby's 6 month old version when it was run over (my fault as I left in on top of the roof of the car after picking up hubby from the airport). It was in a good case, and it survived, albeit with a cracked screen which we had replaced. It's also been dropped on the floor several times by my two little "puter" loving girls. Although, by the look of your little angel washing the dishes, it looks like you don't need to worry so much about such a robust computer :)

  13. First she is such a little doll and that little smile.....how perfect!
    i hope you get your computer fixed I just got a new one...my worst pet peave, viruses, yuck!

  14. No idea about computer things Steph but your gal looks like she is having a ball, i wish i enjoyed washing the dishes half as much!

  15. Oh my girls love this too! Can spend hours getting saturated.
    RE Notebook - go for it. I've always been Mac scared but my work is on a mac pro and although difficult at first, you'll find your bearings.

  16. Hello Steph~
    Get the Mac! You'll love it. The shift from PC to Mac is effortless. Found your sweet blog through the link on Suzanne's blog (Privet & Holly). Love your photos, personality and atmosphere. Your daughter is precious. ~ Amy in the Nevada desert USA

  17. Very sweet...love it when the kids enjoy cleaning! Hope it lasts forever!
    Go for the Mac. We did it recently and it's not that big of an adjustment. The hardest part for me is the missing "backspace" key..only "delete"...but I got over it. I love not having to stop for constant "system updates". Go for it...you'll do fine.

  18. I love my Mac! I am not a computer person at all. I tried a PC...I just did not get it. I got a Macbook and love it...it is more user friendly. We have all PC's at my work and our guy that fixes them, said they make them so disposable...they only last a few years. Mac's are made to last...but best part you can go into an Apple store and you can get help! Best customer service. Good luck...big decision.

  19. How adorable! My girls love to wash up too! I wonder if I ever did as a child, and if I did, when I stopped liking it?

    Hope you got your computer sorted out!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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