16 Mar 2011

Let's Play - Gluing!

Nought but a few large sheets of paper, Mumma cut up "junk mail" and a glue stick!

Identifying colours, fruits and vegies, animals (and of course...their noises!)....

Not enough glue...too much glue....old words....new words...oh so many words!
Sticky fingers pressed together time after time just to see what is going to happen...

Quiet and busy chatter, such wonderful learning...such wonderful fun!
And Mumma even got to sit at the table with a hot cup of tea and a magazine as we chatted on like Nanna's comparing our pictures. Heaven!

I discovered this wonderful blog through this lovely lady so am playing along with We Play at Childhood 101 this week. Oh the ideas!!!!


  1. isn't it wonderful when you can both be sitting together, doing your own things but sharing in each others enjoyment, your poppet looks like she is having a ball!

  2. We were just discussing this phenomenon with kids and glue yesterday at playgroup. I am yet to meet a kid aged 1-3 who is not perfectly satisfied with a glue stick and paper....they love it!
    Isn't it a great site?! - I particularly love all of the simple ideas using everyday objects and imaginary play. Thanks for the link :)

  3. Oh what a gorgeous, cheerful, busy little soul!! She is happy in her work isn't she?!

  4. Isn't it a brilliant and cheap way to do some crafting with littlies, Steph? Miss India adores it. This week, she cut out some food from a Coles catalogue and glued it onto a disposable plastic plate - voila! Another prop for her 'picnics' with her dollies. Really, this idea is limitless. J x

  5. What joy it is to watch little ones engrossed in play and learning.

  6. It sounds like a lovely way to spend time together, having a good old chat over a cup of tea. I can imagine the lovely conversations you had together. xo

  7. So much fun to be had by all. Even as they grow. And a cuppa for Mumma, well done:)

  8. Such a lovely ideas, Steph!
    You've inspired me to give sticky glue play a go this afternoon with my two creatives :)

  9. So sweet. Must do this activity with the preschooler, think we'd *both* love it :)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Lovely, simple but fantastic activity. I reckon anything that gets them engrossed and busy (and chatting) up at the table is fantastic. For them, and you (for the hot cup of tea opportunity!)

    I'm off to cut up some junk mail while my little boy naps!


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