7 Sep 2010

Préférés d'Enfance - { Childhood Favourites }

My house smelled all gingerbready today as Honey Jumbles were on the menu. Whilst munching on a few and supping a large cup of tea I pondered their funny name...I mean, they don't even have honey in them! That got me to thinking about the rather quirky list of nicknames in my family. Who knows where half of them come from (usually from loopy old me of course!) or what they mean but they have well and truly stuck. Take my Dad for instance. He isn't referred to as Dad, Daddy, Papa...or even Pater. No...I call my Dad...Falofial (Falof for short)! He used to be Pope a Shmope but that evolved into Falofial as crazy nicknames tend to do. And no, I haven't done hard drugs people!

Mum is Momle, Momelie or Mome depending on the time of day it is. And my brother formerly known as Snot (i.e. Scott...kids have noooo name making-up imagination!!) is now Pooh Bum. This is the name he lovingly (tongue in cheek right now) called me throughout my childhood so I'm generously returning the favour. Had to laugh when one of my nephews once called me Auntie Pooh Bum.

And little old me...well I'm known to my Falofial and Momle as Gertie...Gertie Wee...Gert...Wert! Oh imagine the teenage mortification of having one's Mum call "Gert" at the top of their lungs when looking for you in the shops. Quelle horreur! And Hubby...well he's Bert. So there's Wert and Bert..charming.

So of course my Bijou has her fair share or nicknames....mostly revolving around honey. Honey Girl, Honey Bee, Honey Bee Lower (????), Honey Bear, Honey Bunny, Cheeky Chops, Muffiny, Poppet, Poppety, Poss, Little Love, Bubba, Love Heart...and when I really think about it...Bijou! Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet...my word yes, Mr Shakespeare.


  1. Yum! anything that comes in the pink and white must taste good.

  2. These look so good Steph! I think you should share the recipe!!

  3. what an absolute crack up Wert! and you know, i have a picture of honey jumbles (one that do contain honey) in my blog header! And whilst we are comparing similiarites, of course, I was only discussing nicknames with my brother-in-law the other day as he is affectionately known as Uncle Bongo to our children and I dare say they will never really know his real name! There are lots of nicknames floating around our house too! much love to your crazy named bunch!
    ps - can I use some pic's off your blog on mine???

  4. Steph you always crack me up. We had a few funny names like that going with our next door adult neighbour (we were kids) he used to call us.... wee wee wuster! Why I'll never know but it's funny how we come up with these names.

    Love the honey jumbles, they look delish!

    Have a wonderful week:) xo

  5. are you this funny in real life!!
    just like Brenda, I make honey jumbles with honey but I have wondered where the jumble bit comes from.
    any nickname with poo in it must get embarassing outside of the safe family haven. I have been calling my sis poopoo for years but i won't in front of her kids or else she'd be poopoo mummy for sure :)
    have a great evening Ms Steph ♥

  6. Your tales are as funny and charming as ever! And now I am remembering my own ridiculous nick names and that of many friends...I was pookie for far longer than I'd like to admit but that sure beat my poor brothers' unfortunate tag of Colin-jolin-wolin...

  7. They look so yummy! I am not very good at backing yet but will definitely try those!

    Have a lovely week!

  8. Yum - where are mine???? They looks so good I could jump in the car now and enjoy one with you (although I am certain that they are all gone now!)

  9. LOL - love all the name too- I am Maree, Mini (as in Mouse) and Cose!

  10. Yummo honey jumbles!!- My mum is known as Haggy, my sister is Boozie Woozie and just to annoy our dad we would call him Ray.

    My children lack nick name imagination too!!!

  11. Aww cute names and so funny :) Those wee cakes/cookies look DELISH.

  12. Your bikkies look delish!!
    My honey jumbles don't have any honey either! But I do love bikkies with a honey flavour....
    Christmas is the best time for baking, as I use LOTS of yummy honey to make honey bikkies and gingerbread houses (honey cake recipe).
    My sister had the nickname of Gertie when we were kids.... I think it came from Mum calling her "giggling Gertie"... he, he, he...!!!

  13. great nicknames! my sister and i call each other poobum, still to this day. often shortened to just 'poo', particularly in birthday cards, which seem to get addressed 'dear poo' and signed 'love poo'


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