21 Sep 2010

Le printemps est ici! - { Spring is here! }

You might remember this little parcel of Spring that I sent off to Vic of Punky and Me for her Spring Swap. Well here is the gorgeousness that I received from the lovely Claire of little tweetheart. The sweetest little vintage sheet skirt with a re-purposed daffodil doily pocket. Don't you just love the little happy face button? Too cute!

Also this crocheted watermelon pot holder that Bijou quickly absconded with and hid it in her oven. She's a crafty one my lass. And she knows a treasure when she spies it!

And the weeniest bird brooch that mon petit poppet carries around in her pocket making delightful bird noises whenever she remembers it's there. Thanks so much Claire for all your generosity and to Vic for hosting such a lovely swap. I'd best stop gabbing on and go and do my one hour of kid's clothes sewing.....crack that whip Elsie Marley!!!


  1. Oh my, what a lovely parcel of sunshine-y, spring-timey goodness! Your sweetie definately has the right idea, the potholder is perfect for her little kitchen, and that skirt, dear Claire has outdone herself, but she does that you know.

    Thank YOU for joining in with my swap (& especially for my very own package of spring), you've all made it a pleasure & a joy!

  2. What a great swap! I've never done one myself but looking at that cute skirt I wonder why I haven't! Looks like something I should have a go at:)

    Love the watermelon potholder! So pretty!

    Hope you're well!

  3. That skirt is just so cute!!! I can imagine Bijou sporting that this summer!!! how divine....xx

  4. Gorgeous. 'Specially loving that wee watermelon purse and bird brooch - so sweet!

  5. Gorgeous! So perfect for this time of year. What an adorable idea for a swap, too, it's very heartwarming.

  6. The skirt is fabulous. So very very fantastic indeed. I adore it. So colourful. 100& spring.

  7. What a gorgeous little skirt, looks fantastic!


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