21 Sep 2010

♪♫ L'amour est dans l'air! ♪♫ - { ♪♫ Love is in the air! ♪ ♫ }

Blog love that is!! I have once again been overwhelmed by the generosity of my lovely bloggy friends.

Firstly by the lovely Kathy (an actual friend in person....we used to teach together many moons ago!) of Sweet Simplicitee who awarded me a Beautiful Blogger award.Kathy has such an eye for detail and creates stunning cards, papercrafts and fabric bags in her trademark fresh and simple style. Her photography skills are also a wonder! She makes a mean coffee too.

And then, the gorgeous Sarah of Cotton Kiwi awarded me a Versatile Blogger award. Sarah makes the most delightful, whimsical creations. Think flower filled fairy skirts, sock monkeys and her eponymous tape measure brooch.....trés clever. Chatted to her on the phone like an old friend when last she visited her parents in Australia even though we've never met.

In order to pass some of this blog love on I'm going to "shout out" about a few newish bloggers who I simply adore. I pop in daily to see what these inspiring ladies have been up to.

Katie from Grow. Cook. Sew. - her parenting style mirrors mine and she cooks the most delicious, wholesome things from her enviable garden. J'adore her photos!

Catherine from Pencils and Pins - such brilliant ideas for recycling and re-purposing things. You simply must join in on her "reverse finds" on a Saturday. This idea is gold!

Sarah from One Perfect Day - another lovely lady with the same passions for parenting as me...and she loves white paint too!!

Please do visit them....they would put the kettle on I'm sure of it!


  1. Super cute. Lots of crafty love. Love Posie

  2. steph,
    totally flattered that you thought of me ... and that you like visiting my little space! i have been reading many of your old posts when i can - and love so much of what you do with little Bijou and your sewing /dolls are all very sweet indeed. i have just adjusted my last post as it was a friends baby shower and i did not make it very clear. (thank you for your thoughtful comment though) sarah x

  3. Thank you so much Steph.. you are too kind! Its funny because I adore your blog too and check it every day.. and you keep inspiring me with such wonderful ideas (I am always on the lookout for a old bedside table to become a new play kitchen and I bought all the ingredients for your home made washing-up liquid yesterday!)

    Although, my husband laughed when you said I cook wholesome things firstly, because I had just made about 30 meringues and topped them with cream. And secondly, because he does most of the delicious cooking around here.. I just throw things in a bowl and call it lunch!!

    Thanks again xx

  4. Thank you for the lovely mention Steph. I've just been and visited the blogs you suggested. Lovely!! x

  5. what a gorgeous post and i can't wait to check out some of these bloggers although can already see some familiar ones that i love visiting too when i get the chance - wishing you a day of bliss!! xx

  6. I LOVE your previous post that skirt is so cute!!

  7. love lots of bloggy love, it's great to see!
    well done on your wonderful awards, your blogworld is definitely a fun one.

  8. Yay to bloggy friends:) Thinking that we really need to get our heads together and organise a bloggy meet up in the new year:)

    Off to check out the blogs - not that I need anymore to look at.

    Hope that you are on the mend.

  9. just wanted to belatedly say thank you for your lovely words (I felt embarrassed so it took me a while!). I'm so glad to have "met" people like you on this blog adventure! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Aww, love the crafty things and the bloggy love! Hope you had a great weekend.

  11. Thankyou so much for the lovely words Steph, you gorgeous thing, you really must bring that beautiful family round for a coffee;)

    Sorry to hear that the yucky bugs have been visiting your house (post above:)) but glad that they are on their nasty way and wishing you health and happiness in your market prep:)

    Chat soon,
    Love Kathy


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