2 May 2010

Les Marchés au Puces - { The Market of the Fleas }

I have always had a love affair with classic old children's movies...Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and my all time favourite...Mary Poppins. That woman could have sorted out any unruly prep class (any grade for that matter) simply by doing show and tell with her bag. Do you remember that wonderful case she carried that housed every possible item one might need? Well I have been channeling a little "Mary" lately lugging around a bag that I'm sure will make one shoulder lower than the other in years to come. I felt an audit was in order and thought I would shock you with its contents

*1 wallet (chewed on the edges...thanks poss!)
*1 water bottle
*1 poppet sippy cup
*2 nappies (unused of course!)
*piece of poppet's rice cracker from the other day (Ah! so that's why the ants have been marching two by two into my cupboard
*one packet of tic tacs - half empty....no wait, two packets of tic tacs - half empty (One recalls an impromptu "la coucaracha" in the checkout at Woolies to hold off a toddler tanty)
*packet of tissues
*2 used tissues (eeew!)
*1 hair brush
*6 bobby pins and a hair tie
*4 lip glosses (the mind reels!)
*a little mirror (that's for all those times I can touch up with my 4 lip glosses after a leisurely lunch...that means NEVER!)
*1 poppet picture book (kittens and puppies to be exact)
*those essential feminine hygiene products (Oh my! I can't believe I used that corny term)
*a pen and a notebook
*mobile phone and keys
*about a bazillion dockets
*my new little eco shopping bag
*an emery board ...now with the filing capabilities of a Paddle Pop stick
*swatches of fabric
*teeny sewing kit
*digital camera
and finally...
*a baby sock...yes, just the one!

Of equal fascination as Miss Poppins' cavernous carry all are those tiny, delicate little vintage bags. I have been collecting these over the last few years, picking them up at flea markets, oppies and the odd few antique shops. In stark contrast to my bulging bag of goodies, these little purses could hold no more than a compact, a lacy hanky, perhaps a lippy and change for the bus or train ( your date would pay for everything else!). How free one would feel with such a light weight accessory!

This week I added a new bag to my collection. A gorgeous tapestry affair with a delicate clasp and chain. I yearned for a time when I could go about my day with all that I needed tucked into this small satchel. Then I looked down at my girl in her pram tucking into a rice cracker (yes the culprit) fossicked out my huge bag and thought that I would happily carry the Taj Mahal around in my bag if she needed it. Such is love!

For more delicous flea market finds please stop in at Sophie's yummy blog, Her Library Adventures


  1. My goodness! That is a lot to have in your bag!
    What are we like?
    I love the little evening bag, so delicate.
    Hope you are having a good weekend. x

  2. Love those little bags! I almost posted pics of mine today too but decided to keep them for another day. I also found two tapestry bags recently, they are so sweet. Your own bag sounds like one full mama, I'm impressed! Wow. Have a happy week xo

  3. Lovely little bags you have there! Isn't it hilarious the things we have to get around with! I have only just returned to a normal handbag after 8 years of bulging nappy/everything bags...it's quite liberating, though I do still carry the wipes, some emergency crayons & paper and the odd toy & snack...oh, well at least it looks nice on the outside...

  4. Oh lovely bags, I too have a slight bag addiction!!! & loads of stuff in the bag I carry around everyday.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. It's funny the minute kids enter the picture, we end up carrying around the kitchen sink! I sometimes complain about sticky wrappers shoved in and the like but I don't want to think about the day they fly the nest!

    super sweet post.

  6. I prefer not to look in mine, and to just...keep...on...shoving...it...all..in! There! Those are sweet little bags you have, they would look lovely as a collection hanging on the wall. Very purty. xxNick

  7. What cute bags! A couple of them remind me of the ones my sister and I used to play with as kids at my Oma's (Grandma's) place. I remember that I loved the metal clasps!!!
    And I loved your eco-shopping bag too. Clever!

  8. Lovely bags! Your handbag sounds just like mine complete with one sock!

  9. oh what a delightful collection of handbags..my fave is the tapestry one! oh cand i must say how much i love your eco shopping bag..c'est magnifique! x

  10. Yes - I can relate to this - my handbag sounds very similar (oh but add knitting needles and crochet hook in there) and sissors that I had to pack up like a naughty girl and pick up on the way out fro the airport opps!)

    Love all of your bags - i know where to come if I have a function that requires a cut little bag for lippy!

  11. Hi Steph
    What gorgeous bags!
    You made me laugh with the contents of your bag. I have always considered my bag akin to the tardis from Dr Who. It is deceptively larger on the inside than it appears on the outside. It has to be to hold the miriad of things required with three young boys.


  12. What a lovely post, that end part is so true. My handbag is the one place I am very organised and super tidy, random huh? Everything in my handbag is separated in little purses, or in pockets, and before I leave the house I make sure everything is where it should be and take out anything extra that has made its way in there (like half eaten crackers and supermarket dockets).

  13. I love your new bag! I have a similar one that my great Nana gave me but it doesn't have a handle, it's more of a clutch purse. I would hate to imagine what is in my bag, it's super heavy, and my Mum is always teasing me about it! You just never know what you might need! Imagine what it will be like when I have children!!! Have a lovely day. xo

  14. Hmmm, I have a similar thing going on with my bag - add to your list, Freddo wrapper, which husband found yesterday and looked at me accusingly - until we worked out it was from the kids last birthday party a month ago!

    Love your bag collection - do you ever take them out?

  15. Love it Steph. My babies are no longer in nappies but I still seem to carry around horrendous amounts of junk. Love the vintage bags. I have my Nan's black sequinned one and a fabulous solid brass one (which is pretty lethal!) that my parents found at an auction in Kenya. I wouldn't part with them for the world.

  16. Awww, sweet post! How things change once you become a Mum! Love all your little bags, that tapestry one is particularly delicious!

  17. I'm always wondering why it is that we no longer use small purses/bags as women did once upon a time! I hate that my shoulder is always carrying around that dead weight that we think is such a necessity! Sigh.... Ha, and I don't even have kids!!!! lol. I have this theory that it's the bags themselves that weigh a lot before we even think of putting all our "must haves" in there. I've been thinking lately that I might just try to make my own that's as light as a feather. Now that will be an interesting exercise! :))
    Love your little tapestry bag. I've always had a soft spot for tapestry. Hmmmm. Maybe I could make my bag out of that. :)

  18. Love your collection of small wee lady bags. Even when the occasion arises for the use of a small handbag I usually end up crushing so much into it that I can hardly close the clasp. Also, your Mary Poppins bag sounds a lot like mine, add sweet wrappers and worn away receipts and we could be identical sisters!!

  19. You have a lovely collection of vintage bags and purses. I could never survive with such a small bag. My handbag is long overdue for a cleanout, but I'm too scared!

  20. a joy to read, as always Steph. Your list had me in fits of laughter, thanks, and I loved the Taj Mahal comment. Great bag find too!

  21. who's going to ALL gala nights? ;)))

  22. We just watched 'Bedknobs & Broomsticks' last weekend with the kids for our weekly movie night. It was the very first movie I ever saw at a theatre. Fond memories. Now my six year old has been trying to turn us all into rabbits for the last week.
    Love the bags!

  23. i'm with you on the bag contents! if only we could squish them all into those beautiful purses. i do love the tapestry one, that would be my favorite. xo

  24. sounds just like my bag. when out shopping i always pull out a nappy, drink bottle and spare size 1 clothes before even catching a glimpse of my wallet : )
    such a beautiful collection of delicate (tiny) bags : )

  25. And u shlepp this stuff around with u every day?! Wow, id be exhausted.

    And Yes, u DID shock me!;)

  26. cute bags. I love that tapestry one!

  27. ahhhh Ms steph you have a way with words and your blog entries truely delight! Ms Mary Poppins would be jealous of your bag collection I am sure - one day you will use them again! For now just admire xx

    ps - Emma - Bednobs and broomsticks is one of my favourites and my son asks quite frequently to go for a ride on the bed!!


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